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Thread: Lara Croft Go Crashes many times

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    Lara Croft Go Crashes many times

    Just bought Lara Croft Go and enjoyed the first level.
    Already faced a problem at the end of the 3 map "labyrinth of stones". In the map the next level 10 seems to load but nothing happens. This goes on and on and only gets away if I load level 9 again and start from there again. Then I can continue the level.
    Now the same problem in the second level of "The maze of spirit" The first level is playable but the second level freezes as soon Lara moves into a new room. It seems that I still can move but of course do not see this. The screen is frozen. I deleted already the cache etc. but no changes.
    I have an OPPO F1, Android 5.1.1, and Color OS V2.1.0

    I hope I can get some help here as first the game is really good but second I paid money for it too.
    Thank you in advance.

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    I wish I could buy it too! Rmmbr this game since I wasa mall kid...

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    Yes, i want to buy it too...

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