Thread: Nosgoth it's a good game, and deserve a second chance

Nosgoth it's a good game, and deserve a second chance

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    Nosgoth it's a good game, and deserve a second chance

    Hi, i am from Brazil and i have played Nosgoth since closed beta. Since the first time i have played the game i felt like "that's the kind of thing i was looking for".
    - A fast gameplay style,
    - No ping problems, even living in an another country,
    - A free to play game and not pay to win.
    So... if the game is so good how it could be shutting down the servers?
    First of all, wrong public, people was expecting a new legacy of kain game, i haven't played legacy of kain and even i know that. But i was looking for a new game to play and nosgoth was a very *** good game. The game is funny even when you die.
    The real problems are:
    - The developers made the "Need for speed move". They tried to conquer people for a new game that's has almost nothing to do with it's title, the people was expecting something and they gave another thing, like expecting a street racing with almost no rules and receiving a race game in a stadium where you are punished for running in the grass... makes no sense.
    - The second big problem of the game, "bugs". If you can't find a match a few times... hey that's ok... if you can't join your friends for a match.... hey that's ok... but if that happens all the time and when you actually join a game the game crashes or a half of the people are away... OMG i can't play that. That's how it feels.
    But still, when the game works, it's one of the most fun games i have ever played, and it deserve a second chance but this time made right and with more marketing, because none of my friends have ever heard about nosgoth before.

    If you agree with me or at least want the game to continue please see this:

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    To say the truth, I grow up with LoK, and me and a lot of others fans LOVED this title, even if is not the same of the old ones, but the lore, the gameplay, the idea of use the clans are really amazing for me

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    I agree also...although this is just a spin-off, i really liked this game.

    We have 2,5K ppl who agree and signed the petition.

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    Petitions mean nothing. Nosgoth is dead.
    After the forum goes down, I can be found on Steam, Twitter, and Facebook.