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Thread: Accel Dragon. A game I have in concept.

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    Accel Dragon. A game I have in concept.

    Will give some information what I have in concept, but not all.

    The game I have in concept is named accel dragon or if already taken, possibly call it accel fantasy, if square allows it.

    game story is (not full story):
    The Demon Queen has corrupted the kingdoms with her curse. You been chosen by the accel suit to become an accel warrior and be part of the accel project. Use your accel suit to summon, transform, and fuse to uplift the curse in the kingdoms and stop the Demon Queen and her imps.

    game requires collecting jewels for each kingdom to cure curse.

    The game concept is inspired by Final Fantasy(For story), Pokemon, Saga, and digimon season 4.
    I'm going to make an prototype first before posting everything.
    feel free to ask anything about my about my game concept.
    Want to help me how to code, program and make an prototype. I'll private message you. I'll skype, If you are trusted user. I'm using visual studio community edition. Edit: Thinking of using C# or C++.
    If mods want to see some concepts I made. I can skype them too.

    Edit: somebody on unreal forums helped me by telling me to gain experience on c++ or C# first before doing my concept. and told me to talk to my friend what to do with my concept. he says my concept is really good but missing ui and few others, so i decided to make the ui for now. he told me that this concept is little too complex to start with. I decided to not to make an prototype until I gain enough experience by learning the basic stuffs first. then I will go for the big stuff. and finally I will go for prototype. I decided to hold my concepts until my friend tells me what to do with it.
    sorry about my english
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    Good luck and all the best.

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