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Thread: New E3 2016 game announcements wishlist

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    New E3 2016 game announcements wishlist

    What new game announcements are you hoping for @ E3 this year?

    Mine are as follows:

    -Resident Evil 7, first and foremost
    -Devil May Cry 5
    -Parasite Eve 4
    -The Evil Within 2
    -The Last of Us 2 (Naughty Dog ARE reportedly working on this next after wrapping up Uncharted 4, so who knows?)
    -God of War IV
    -New Legacy of Kain
    -New Sony IP
    -The new KojiPro game from Kojima's new studio
    -New Spider-Man PS4 exclusive game from Sucker Punch
    -I'd also like to know what the currently-unannounced PS4 exclusive is from Capcom, hopefully a new Dino Crisis or Onimusha or Dragon's Dogma 2.

    Highly unlikely:
    -Sonic Adventure 3
    -House of the Dead 5 for PlayStation VR
    -Virtua Fighter 6

    I'm pretty sure NONE of those are going to happen knowing Sega this day and age unfortunately, but then again, nobody expected The Last Guardian, Shenmue III or Final Fantasy VII Remake last year, either. Stranger things have happened.

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    I expect an announce of one game only - TES VI. Nothing more, nothing less.
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