Thread: Final fantasy 7 - Legacy?

Final fantasy 7 - Legacy?

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    Final fantasy 7 - Legacy?

    Basically just a suggestion I want to throw out here without to much effort as I'm very sure nobody will read this anyways.

    But I've been thinking about the remake, and its basically a very important milestone in gaming history here.
    Final Fantasy 7 has already build up a huge legacy of its own, and after replaying them I noticed we are still left with a huge cliffhanger after Dirge of Cerberus.

    so I was wondering,
    would it even be possible that, after releasing all the episodes of the main game,
    there will also come additional episode's after that one?

    (after finishing the remake of ff7, unlocking a new episode "Before Crisis - remake")
    after you finish the Before Crisis story, unlocking the "Crisis Core - remake" episode
    after finishing the Crisis core episode, unlocking the Advent Children (remake as a game) episode
    after that the Dirge of Cerberus episode

    basically remaking the entire final fantasy 7 "legacy" in the full episodic system (all within the same game)
    and perhaps adding a final chapter to answer what happened to Weiss/Nero and Genesis, who were shown in the secret ending of Dirge of Cerberus.

    A lot of people would most likely bring up the argument that it would most likely be more logical to make all this as separate games,
    but if final fantasy 7 remake will become episodic, then it would seem more logical to me that they would just be "another episode" in the same game.

    And yes I am aware that this is quite a huge undertaking, and costly, but hey its final fantasy 7, so like I said, just throwing the idea out here, would be nice to have the entire final fantasy 7 Legacy in one big bundle, all looking as amazing as the current footage we have seen of final fantasy 7 remake, along with the nice realtime gameplay.

    Also just throwing this out here additionally in case some people do read it,
    really liking that a lot of the Square Enix games, in particular the Final Fantasy games are being ported to pc and sold on steam, I'm finally able to replay the game's from my childhood again and I hope a lot more final fantasy games will be ported to the pc in the future, including more recent projects!

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    The JRPG is dead.... Im sad.

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    Dirge of Cerberus is a spin off so, I don't think it'll be apart of the main series as one game.