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Nosgoth in E3

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    Nosgoth in E3

    Probably this will be not even see by the SE, but I want to suggest this.
    They said Nosgoth will be cancelled for not have enought players, btw, the SE NEVER do nothing to advertise the fans, the only reason I know about Nosgoth is because I'm a member of the italian LoK forum for years, but I see A LOT of fans that don't even know of this game.
    So I suggest to give to Nosgoth another month and announce it in the E3 explain the situation ecc...
    Other reason for the poor number of players is for the launcher. Now the crashes are more rarely then before (still present, but a lot more rarely), the problem is the launcher, I see a lot of players saying the launcher don't allow the players to play, and before it will be released ALL the LoK forum italian play this game, now we are only in 2 or 3 and all them say want return to play. Other problem is the Reconnect totally bugged (when crash it don't appear).

    So this is my suggestion:
    -Remove launcher
    -Fix the reconnect
    -Announce Nosgoth in E3

    See if this will work (and trust me, WILL work if you will do) and then you will have players in the game.

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    I don't think SE will see this, or care about this for that matter, but the idea is great. From what I understand, Psyonix kinda ran away and left Nosgoth, letting the game and SE without a dev team. If it's really the case, SE would need to find another studio, and this new team would need to familiarize themselves with all the code written by other people which can be a pain in the ass and take a lot of time...

    If SE wanted to advertise the game at E3 and continue the development, they could do it, sure. But I'm sure they don't feel the need to go through all those troubles to get the game going.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for it, and I think it's feasible, hard but feasible if they really wanted to.

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    I really glad you liked my idea, but I think is a shame they abbandoned everything when the game was so near to be released

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    Originally Posted by Zarxiel93
    I really glad you liked my idea, but I think is a shame they abbandoned everything when the game was so near to be released
    It was probably abandoned far in advance of when they say the decision was made. Wouldn't surprise me if that's why Psyonix failed to be attentive to all the feedback.
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    That would be sweet to be in E3 but it seems a long shot now. Just for the info of all here, there is a convo with Phil Eliot (who has had the decency to reply to the messages sent to him).

    ‏@TomLennard to
    @Sly_Rebirth Cannot Nosgoth be put out on Collective now cancelled? Already a fan-base. Plus more if single player options. #SaveNosgoth

    Phil Elliott ‏@Sly_Rebirth Apr 17 to
    @TomLennard Sadly not, I'm afraid

    Tom ‏@TomLennard to
    @Sly_Rebirth Thanks for the reply Phil. Is it to do with rights?

    AesirHod ‏@AesirHod Apr 17 to
    @TomLennard @Sly_Rebirth What about using Nosgoth's art assets or character designs in a new idea? Like a coop game in the same era.

    ‏@Sly_Rebirth to
    @AesirHod @TomLennard Totally appreciate your viewpoint and ideas though - but for now there're no plans to add LoK I'm afraid.

    And me to

    @Sly_Rebirth to @AesirHod

    Tom ‏@TomLennard Apr 17 Hillingdon, London
    @Sly_Rebirth @AesirHod Thanks for responses. Would the idea would sound appealing for development if a crowd funded pitch? #SaveNosgoth

    Well. It seems Collective are not up for it. He also said that there are busy with Fear Effect at the moment. I would urge other people to ask some of the SE guys on Twitter about some of this stuff. I might be asking the wrong questions, or maybe you have more experience in games and game development.

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