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Thread: If you're experiencing technical issues, go here!

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    If you're experiencing technical issues, go here!

    I encourage everyone experiencing technical difficulties with the new HITMAN game to go here:

    Then press "Get support" button and fill in an official enquiry/complaint and have your experience recorded. It's better to make yourself heard than everyone scattered around different forums. I imagine a huge amount of people are having difficulties playing this game, experiencing crashes and performance issues, long loading times, unreal AI behaviour etc.

    I for example, cannot play the game due to constant crashing when loading saved games. This makes the game unplayable for me as it is extremely frustrating to constantly have to restart levels of the size of Paris. I've paid 65 dollars for this game (intro + upgrade) and it's not okay to just not be able to play it.

    I'm not encouraging a riot, I seriously love this game and would like to see these issues improved. It's just that people need to take a step into helping the developers realize the gravity of the situation so that they can fix it. I mean, this game has 53% positive reviews on Steam from about 5.700 people, despite looking and playing very well. Which means that people who have negative experiences with the game account for almost as much in numbers as people who have positive experiences with the game. It seems to me though that the bad reviews are mostly because of incredibly poor performance at launch and ongoing problems for players to just play the game, without interruption.

    Hope you'll make yourself heard!
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