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Final Fantasy X Prequel Please

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    Final Fantasy X Prequel Please

    I was wondering if anyone else wanted a Final Fantasy Prequel to X? I'm replaying X and X-2 and I keep thinking we need a story about Jecht and his time in Spira. I know we have some of those recorded spheres to give us a clue but I feel like there is more. Like what kind of state was Spira in before Braska brought the calm? What was Jecht's journey like before he found Zanarkand? And how did Auron warm up to Jecht and come to know him as a friend? I would love to see these questions answered because I think there is still some story left in Final Fantasy X.

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    Motomu Toriyama, the director of the FFX series said in 2013 when asked about a possible prequel for FFX regarding the journey of Lord Braska, Sir Auron & Sir Jecht that they tried to do it during development of X-2 but it would have taken a lot of work. He added “It was a good idea and we were about to make it but ultimately the idea was scrapped, so there probably won’t be a prequel”.

    Right now BD1 is sadly too busy with VII Remake to even follow up Nojima's audio drama.
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