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Thread: Featured Contracts Submission Thread

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    Post Featured Contracts Submission Thread

    Contracts Mode gives you the opportunity to create some very cool contracts, and we want to share the best of the best with all of our players. This is the thread to submit all the details of your Contract, please follow the template below.

    We need to know what platform you are playing on, what your PSN ID / Gamertag / Steam ID is as well as the title of your contract. It will also be great if you tell us what the contracts is about in 1-2 sentences.

    Platform: (PS4 / Xbox One / PC)
    User: HitmanFan1
    Title: My awesome contract
    Location: Paris/Sapienza/Marrakesh/Sapienza Bonus/Marrakesh Bonus
    Description: [1-2 lines of who the targets are and why this contract should be featured.]
    Contract ID: Add the contract-specific ID

    We can't promise to feature every contract but we'll review the submissions for every refresh that we do.
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    First, you need to correct the game ... It's more important, and we paid for it ... Still a pb with master assassin & master vampir ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arycuak View Post
    First, you need to correct the game ... It's more important, and we paid for it ... Still a pb with master assassin & master vampir ...
    Well, that's helpful.

    Sounds good, Travis. Will be working away on one today!

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    If i understand you will take the best contracts of peoples ? Good idea !

    Plateforme : PS4
    User : Genesis-Quattro ( real name is Genesis Voyevoda )
    Title : ordre d'assassinat Bonne chance!
    Description : You have to kill 5 targets at Paris without instinct vision if possible.

    Hey i have a question : I saw a bug yesterday : In the kitchen in paris, i knock out the 3 cooks and i tamper the gas to kill them by accident but the explosion don't kill them !! It's not the first time i saw a PNJ knock out become immortal.

    Sorry for my english ! I cannot use google traduction , i do my best but i feel ridiculous ! ^^
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    Platform: PS4
    User: Zacker101
    Title: House of Lards
    Description: Assassinate Congressman Walsh in 47's classic suit using a pistol.

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    I think mine is pretty sweet.

    user: jayjasonjayman
    Title: Snipers dream
    Description: This one is about doing what we all love...sniping some heads...if you do this right it will set you up to kill Helmut and 4 other security guards. You have to make your way to the shed to get your rifle. Then you make your way to the barge (or not...your choice, of course) for some fun. Bonus for wearing 47's signature suit the whole time.
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    Platform: Ps4
    User: JackReb
    Title: Sniper in the crowd
    Suit only, No disguises
    No Pacifications
    Start and exit at Main Entrance

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    Platform: PC
    SteamID: Meatsim009
    Title: Five Little Ducks
    Description: Poison and drown - Kurt Donovan, Viktor Novikov, Sheik Salman Al-Ghazali, Jean Moreau, Dalia Margolis. Bonus points for remaining unspotted, leaving disguised as the Sheik in the speedboat while fireworks are going off.

    This contract was part of my own "escalation" series featured in this thread.
    This contract was submitted probably a week ago. Do I need to resubmit it in game?

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    1) PS4
    2) EvilRussianIvan
    3) I am you, but stronger
    4) You must kill KGB officer wearing HIS disguise. It's an easy contract, but it's just fun)

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    Platform: PS4
    User: LukeDCM
    Title: PASSENGER 47
    Description: You have to kill Wesley Snipes (aka Sophus Fatale), while dressed as the Vampire Magician (think Blade).

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    Hey Travis! I am loving the new Contracts mode and the game itself, however I believe there is a huge issue from keeping this game from being a true masterpiece. It is the combat. I mean really, what happened!? Absolution had great combat mechanics, yet you guys failed to transfer any of this over to the new game or add any new developments within the combat system anyways. For instance, the fake surrender move in Absolution where you took the person hostage with a pistol was an excellent game play dynamic that seemed to be just completely removed from this game. Another example is the damage that npc's take from Agent 47. How can I not knock a guard with a quick punch combo? How can I not kill a person when I shoot them twice with an assault rifle? If your team wanted realism, then why is it not realistic when you shoot or punch someone? I know that civilian npc's are taken out easily, but then the guards are resistant to my unarmed melee assaults and gunfire like they are supermen. If I want to take out two guards within close proximity of each other, I should be able to do that; I am Agent 47, aren't I? Instead what we have is Agent 47 struggling to knock out one measly guard, while the other proceeds to easily shoot him to death. That's not Agent 47, and that's not what this game could be. Please, Please, PLEASE fix the broken combat system. Improve the unarmed melee combat and the gunplay combat and this game WILL be a TRUE masterpiece. Your fans and your bank accounts will thank you.
    Yours truly, a very concerned Hitman fan.
    P.S. I know this is not the proper thread but being the most recent, I figured it would get the most exposure to your team.

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    Platform: PC
    User: Why so Serious?™
    Title: The Assassination in Paris
    Description: You have to kill 4 targets . Only suit and it is possible to do it "Silent Assassin" . Target are working for a person with the name Detlef McKenny a dangerous person.

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    I thought my contract was awesome, but you guys did a very similar contract after I made mine.
    Platform: Xbox One
    User: JayInAtlanta
    Title: Just Ducky
    Description: Kill only her right hand man (Sophus Fatale), dressed as auction staff, using only the explosive duck, and get away without being discovered.

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    Hey Travis, Check out my contract:

    Platform: PC
    User: Sigmas55
    Title: Only Kill Targets Plz
    Description: Kill 5 people randomly placed in Paris map (different weapons/disguises).


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    Platform: PC
    User: Meatsim009
    Title: Duck Hunt 2016

    Description: Using the Shotgun and while wearing the Vampire Costume, kill the big 5 ducks...Sebastian Sato, Helmut Kruger, Sheik Salman Al-Ghazali, Viktor Novikov and Dalia Margolis. Vanish into thin air by taking the Helicopter to exit the mission.

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    PLATFORM: ps4
    USER: AdzDaAssassin
    TITLES: Torben & Travis and Round Of Shots
    DESCRIPTION: Torben & Travis is a simple one and Round Of Shots is 3 targets (who rarely go outside) with a sniper rifle

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    Platform: ps4
    User: AdzDaAssassin
    Title: Toxic Women
    Description: Poison 2 females

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    Submission for featured contracts.

    Platform: PS4
    User: pentagon_2010
    Title: No one can Yelp you, now.

    Description: Your targets are, three Yelp reviewing triplets, one blady and one bow tie maniac. This contract should be featured because it WILL give every Hitman fan a headache. Players must think creatively about how to carry a sniper rifle throughout the entire building, eliminating targets wearing only the Chef disguise.

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    Platform: PS4
    User: Mio_Grey
    Title: The Bombshell Trilogy

    A hard, but fun mission.
    You have to find a way to eliminate the three ladies with explosives, dressed in your signature suit.
    It's not easy, but you can do it, 47.
    Try to get "five stars" on this one!

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    Platform: Xbox One
    User: Firesenz
    Title: High Value, High Risk

    Description: You must eliminate all HVT's in the paris mission, it can be quite difficult but can be a challenge as well.

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    Plateforme : PC
    User : *~DJ Limerick~*
    Title : Hitman 47: Toxic Waste
    Requirements: Mastery Level for Poison Syringe
    Description :

    The Contract was meant for you to not kill anyone but the IAGO Personnel, and do it in a way that is fitting but ended up being Optional Pistol, Poison, and Any Weapon(cyanide) and Disguise for the 3 targets...

    In the end, this one's a classic for the story-line .
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    Platform: PC
    User: DannyOry
    Title: Mr.Fashion
    Description: Infiltrate from the ground foor to the top floor with the disguise of stylist,eliminating Philip Von Zell,Claire Swanson,Sheik Salman Al-Ghazali,Tren Po and Martha Herris without leaving a trace.This contract is quite a challenge.

    By the way,I think there should be more restrctions that the contract creator can set to make the contract more challenge,such as no pacification,no disguise change or using a particular item(not just lethal melle)to kill the target.I succeeded to drown 3 targets to death including Sheik Salman Al-Ghazali when creating contract,but it turned out no weapon requeirement to kill those targets,otherwise it would be an interesting contract.I really hope you guys can enrich the contract mode just like that in Absolution,in which players can share their contracts with friends and creat competition.
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    Platform: PS4
    User: KAP
    Title: Wetwork: Sheik Salman Al-Ghazali
    Description: An elegant, sleek, stealth hit on one of the richest men alive. (not for long) Complete the hit like nothing ever happened. No one else must die apart from the target.

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    Platform: PS4
    User: HANS-DAMPF-77
    Title: Hardcore Hitman
    This shows who's a real Hitman. Five targets and four different
    outfits. Start on main entrance and end the mission on the main
    entrance. Are you ready for this challenge ?

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    Platform: PS4
    User: Lixmo
    Title: Kill the drug lord and his best dealer
    Description: Hello 47, we need the best contract killer for this job. Your order is to kill the most influential drug lord in Sapienza, Italy. His dealer is also in Sapienza. Find them and do your job. Stay unnoticed and kill only the targets. P.S. Have fun and grab an nice outfit. Good Luck 47

    It's a nice kill order with two targets. You must grab the plague Doctor outfit and kill the target. One with a sniper rifle and the other one with knife.

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