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Thread: Featured Contracts Submission Thread

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    Platform: PC
    Steam id: ironleo78
    User: El Duderino
    Title: Fish n' Snipe ( Sapienza )
    Description: See these (5) guys fishing on the pier...
    Snipe them off at sea to join their own targets.
    The Church's Bell Tower is quite a nice vantage point.

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    Platform: PC
    Steam ID: MikeWolverine
    Title: The Other Hitmen 2
    ICA has learned that 3 hitmen from a Naples crime family are in Sapienza to assassinate Silvio Caruso. Eliminate these 3 mafia hitmen before they interfere in ICA operations. It appears they work as a team and plan to kill Caruso while visiting his mother's grave. Orlando Zito will acquire a delivery disguise, bring flowers to the grave, and conduct the hit. Terenzio Endrizzi has secured Zito's access to the site. Cesario Bolognese will cleanse the scene of evidence.
    Good Luck 47.

    This mission is challenging in that in each of the first two kills, you must either remove nearby individuals or be patient and strike at just the right moment. In addition, each target is eliminated using a different weapon. The description provides a relatively logical plot about three other hitmen that plays off one of the player's opportunities in the actual "World of Tomorrow" mission.

    Thanks & Cheers,

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    Platform: PS4
    User: dec64us
    Title: The Killing Joke
    Description: You've always been jealous of the Clown's popularity. Give him an 'explosive' send-off and give Sapienza's elite a show to die for. By the time you're done, you'll have them in stitches... We'll see who gets the last laugh!

    -Only Kill Targets
    -Hide All Bodies
    -Leave No Recordings
    -Do Not Get Spotted
    -Escape Via Airplane

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    Platform: PS4
    User: Beyonder1979
    Title: Super Sibling Rivalry
    Description: The Salvatore Brothers have always been rivals when it comes to winning the heart of a certain individual. Each has hired 47 to kill the other! You decide to actually complete both contracts at once and double-dip on the reward. But you must make it seem like one brother killed the other...

    This contract requires the player to kill Mario in an accident while dressed as Luigi (drowning him in the puddle of water in the bottom of the well - it should count as an Accident, but for some reason the game states it as Any Weapon. Please fix.) AND kill Luigi using a "fireball" (golf ball explosion) while dressed as Mario! Both bodies MUST be hidden in CONTAINERS afterwards and a Silent Assassin rating MUST be achieved. No getting spotted. No recordings etc.

    If you choose my contract, please feel free to change the in-game description to something closer to the one I've just written above, without revealing the exact kill methods of course.

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    Platform: Xbox One
    User: o BATMAN JOE o
    Title or Name of Contract: Killer Clown from Sapienza
    Targets: Paciano Altobello , Fazio Mennella, Germano Crosetti, Francesca De Santis, and John Doe.

    Description: Kill targets with sniper rifle while dressed as a Street Performer, with no bodies found, while never being spotted. Sounds easy... give it a try.

    OR TRY MY MORE DIFFICULT CONTRACT IF YOU DARE!!! IT'S CALLED: " No, Seriously; The Butler did it! "
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    Can someone please try my contract and let me know what you think?, I tried to make it tough to figure out! Please try it at least once, thanks!

    User: o BATMAN JOE o
    Title: No, Seriously; The Butler did it!
    Description: The Butler killed them all! and then Himself! But How??? (Try to stay unnoticed, No bodies found, kill only only targets (All with sniper rifle!) Good Luck!
    Again, the title is: No, Seriously; The butler did it! (Total of 5 targets, all with sniper rifle, no bodies found, no recordings, and all unnoticed! all as the butler)
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    Platform: Xbox One
    User: Mungadungalis
    Title: Rollin' Up Daisies
    Description: Poison the Hippie, put on his stinky clothes and pick up some free flowers for his mom on the way out.

    We made this contract live on twitch with help from viewers.

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    May 2016
    Platform: Xbox One
    User: Arkivek
    Title: Private Confession
    Description: Targets: Padre Francesco and Sal Falcone. Francesco is conspiring against the Catholic church by leaking information to a private eye. Take them both out.

    I think this contract should be featured because I've tried to design it with an authentic feeling of a proper ICA contract that could conceivingly have been issued, in-universe.

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    Platform: PS4
    User: Immadummee
    Title: Have an AXE to grind
    Description: Paris; 4 targets; kill all with an axe; SUIT ONLY
    signature image

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    Platform: Xbox One
    User: Scope2008
    Title: Abra...Cadaver?

    Mission: Paris
    Description: A contract in the same vain as Hitman: Sniper Challenge, This challenges the player to snipe 5 targets from the vantage point of the vampire magician attic room, and 1 target the opposing attic room above the curators office.

    like sniper challenge this requires the player to create noise distractions by shooting cars to draw targets off patrol and ricochets off walls to take them down alleys so they are out of sight when you take them down. Can be completed with a 5 star rating, no alerts, never spotted and no bodies found

    I believe there is nothing else as creative as this in the featured contracts list.

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    Buena Fortuna, 47

    Platform: PS4
    User: Krozbee
    Title: So Many Ways To Go
    Description: 5 Targets, Utilize the tools of the trade to eliminate each target with a different approach. Welcome to Sapienza & The Super Saltatore Bros.

    Buena Fortuna, 47!

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    Platform: PC
    User: CIAnnis
    Title: Gas Leak
    Description: Playing with fire can kill people... But that's exactly what we want. Just try to be subtle, 47. The contract is about killing 4 targets with an explosion whilist wearing a palace staff disguise. I hope you take a look.

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    My first contract:
    SAPIENZA/5 targets/SA/SO/Garotte
    My time 5:06

    Targets location:

    Climatic trailer
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    May 2016
    Platform: PS4
    User: JAM29J
    Title: Don't Get Spotted
    Description: Your targets are two scientists in the the underground Bio lab of Sapienza. Prisco Arcuri and Benito Onio are the two hazmat suit wearing scientists you must eliminate, preferably using fiber wire as well as wearing Agent 47's signature suit. It will be difficult but remember, don't get spotted.

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    May 2016
    Platform: PS4
    User: razerremibobo16
    Title: The TMNT assassination with a katana
    Description: The two targets are Arsenio Milani and Antonio Ferrari they are two well know spys from an underground spy company. They have been spying on us lately, we don't know what information they have, so we need to kill 'em ASAP or else.... Agent 47 will have to kill the two targets with a katana. (I think this contract should be picked is because its challenging and fun plus you get to kill two guys with a katana)

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    May 2016
    Platform: PC
    User: Fenwick
    Title: Awful Service Pays the Debt
    1. City Cafe offers awful service (see how the line never moves?) Kill the three staffs in the City Cafe with explosion disguised as the chef himself (or the mansion chef, if you are SLOW).
    2. Very tricky SA, need to exploit game mechanics.
    3. Short and intense gameplay - SA can be done around 3 minutes.

    My 3:06 record:

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    I had this game for a month now and play It everyday. I have yet to see a new contract get featured. Why? The community does a really good job on most if these contracts and no one gets to see them because the rate at which they are made our contracts get pushed to the back of or completely off the latest contract list. If you ask me community contracts is one of the best parts of this game, you should show more love to them.

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    Platform:Xbox One.
    User: Epidemic81
    Title: Bowsers Revenge
    Bowser takes his revenge on Mario and the Princess with brutality.
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    Platform:Xbox One
    User: Epidemic81
    Title: Confidentiality Breach
    Dr.Lafayette, the Butler Terenzio and two of his staff are using confidential info that Lafayette obtains during therapy sessions to blackmail Silvio out of millions of dollars. They must be silenced, the must be made examples of.

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    Platform: (PC)
    User: Kev_stinx
    Title: Red Plumber Green Plumber
    Description: A dispute over the sewers has broken out between Sapienza's plumbers. In order to settle the dispute eliminate both plumbers.

    * Kill green plumber with Old Axe
    * Kill red plumber with Fire Axe

    Hide Both bodies

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    Platform:Xbox One
    USER I.D:Epidemic81
    TITLE:Couples Therapy
    Evodio Minnela is cheating on his wife with Gil Schrezer. The not so happy couple is getting counseling from the Padre who wants Evodios wife to forgive and forget the whole thing. She cannot, she will not live with the embarrassment any longer. You have been commissioned to dispatch the trio.

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    May 2016
    Please could you consider two of my contracts for being featured. The first one, Victor's men, involves Novikov's unemployed guards taking a trip to Italy to do a deal. The second, 'Crazy Entertainer' involves a tricky hit which forces you to frame the street performer. I'm on ps4 and my id is sam_2312

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    Can someone please try my contract and let me know what you think?, I tried to make it tough to figure out! Please try it at least once, thanks!

    User: o BATMAN JOE o
    Title: No, Seriously; The Butler did it!
    Description: The Butler killed them all! and then Himself! But How??? (Try to stay unnoticed, No bodies found, kill only only targets (All with sniper rifle!) Good Luck!
    Again, the title is: No, Seriously; The butler did it! (Total of 5 targets, all with sniper rifle, no bodies found, no recordings, and all unnoticed! all as the butler)

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    Platform: PC
    User: 398712048
    Title: And Then There Were None [Part 1] / And Then There Were None [Part 2]
    Description: It's a really hard contract if you do follow the description inside the contract (It's also hard to challenge the 5 stars evaluation). You need to eliminate Daniel Duhamel, Sebastian Sato, Roger Dupont, Tren Po, and Valerie wearing 47's suit in the first part. And in second part you need to eliminate Nicolas Frank, Marcel DiMarco, Max Decker, Hailey Brennan, and Jared Dorst in the second part, also with 47's suit. All these targets' death are followed the rhyme "Ten Little Indians" and I also wrote the correct methods in description in game.
    Why It Is Hard:
    1. you need sleeping pills, fiber wire and lethal syringe in the first part, but you also need a lethal poison to kill Daniel the first target so you need to do the Helmut opportunity, also the coins, the key of palace need to be found in the map.
    2. you need to kill people in public, they will compromise you, and how do you escape safely?
    3. how can you go upstairs to kill if all the guards compromised?
    But still, it can be done with 5 stars.
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Have fun, and enjoy.

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    Platform: PS4
    PSN ID: mentalhypoxia
    Description: There is a man that urinates in public by the docks. Eliminate him with an explosive, then head to the clocktower in the main square. You will find we smuggled your sniper rifle into the basement of the ice cream shop. Head to the top of the clocktower and/or the abandoned office and eliminate the undercover agents we have identified.

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