Thread: Saving the Nosgoth assets!

Saving the Nosgoth assets!

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    Question Saving the Nosgoth assets!

    Hello, I used to use just the Steam Forums and really never came on the official site.

    But now that the game is close to be close.

    I came to ask, Can we save the assets of this game?

    I came here to ask if we can save some of the job that was put into this game by the developers.
    Square Enix will just trash everything and dont care about them.

    So Maybe if at least we can save the 3d models, textures and other stuff, they could be use for stuff like making Gmod or SFM or even use them as a mod for other Unreal Engine games.

    I mean, i know it isnt as easy as "ctrl+C, ctrl+v on unreal engine". But maybe we can save something.

    What do you say?
    Have we the interest and talent to do it?

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    I was thinking more along the realm of us first finding out how to run the game offline (Independent of Enix) and then we can take it online with the server code. Along the lines of Private servers so it can live on. I think this would be a very feasible thing. The question is whether or not anyone from the nosgoth community posses such skills?

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    I maybe wrong.
    But I think modding the game to make it work with out the SE servers would be harder than ripping of some 3d models.
    And im not even sure if we can do the later....

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