Thread: Is it possible to let us host the servers so Nosgoth doesn't die?

Is it possible to let us host the servers so Nosgoth doesn't die?

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    Is it possible to let us host the servers so Nosgoth doesn't die?

    Well, even though Squeenix is pulling the plug...we are a loyal fan base and don't want to stop playing.

    The reason so few are playing right now are due to the server issues...i myself want to play, but can't since i'm unable to connect to servers.

    So i was hoping you devs didn't remove the game from Steam, and let us PLAYERS HOST...this way we can still play even without dev support.

    It would be even greater if along with this, devs made the game open source...but this might be asking too much.

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    Yeah, I had the same question in mind: I don't know much of Game Programming and Hosting... but I think it should be possible.
    Well, it's on Squeenix now if no or yes. I hope so much for Squeenix to show some emotion and give us a slight nod...
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    Answer seems by all evidence to be a no.

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    This is what I'm hoping beyond all hope for us to get eventually. I don't even care if they continue to update it, I just want to be able to continue playing until I'm a gray old lady, yelling at her computer screen while the next generation of family laughs at the crazy old aunt and her silly antique computer games!

    Honestly, I think even if it's never officially released, there'll eventually be someone who's able to go into the code of the game and find a way to make it so they can do private servers, but it'll be a while before it happens and it'll involve annoying hacks and mods to download and try and make work, and I would just like it if square would give us this. That's the least they can do for us, after they jerked our chains for so freaking long!

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    Yeah, my idea was to continue their legacy (pun intended )

    I'm 100% sure that if we could host, this same community would continue to play the game...but it's impossible since we can only play in their servers.

    Also, if code was open-sourced, i'm sure some really talented ppl would be able to mod the game and etc.