Thread: Nosgoth going offline 31st may so what with achievements?

Nosgoth going offline 31st may so what with achievements?

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    Nosgoth going offline 31st may so what with achievements?

    So since game is going Offline, and there are lots of people who dont have all of the achievements, how about changing all of the achievement requirements to "1" and making able to do them in private matches.

    Devs just please do it and let everybody who wish to have 100% in Your game to make it easly.

    If not changing those, just make those Achievements done in fast way.
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    Well, at least I already have them all... but I don't reach lv 25 with Hunter, Prophet, Vanguard and Beastmaster, and I don't take some skins...

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    I agree with TS. Because I am achievement hunter, and I want this game to be 100% in steam. Now I am on 71/80 of all achievements. I am definitely will not get this last 9 achievements intime (till May 31st).

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    Oh, who cares about nothing virtual trophies, they ought to release all the store stuff free while the game's still up. Least we can have plenty of varied skins and abilities going around in the last days.
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    I don't care about achievements, but I never did manage to get those evolved skins. As a long time Legacy of Kain fan, I couldn't wait to get them, and figured it would only be a matter of time before I got some, especially the Deceiver and Summoner, since I played them the most. Maybe I'll manage to get his skin before the end.