Thread: Who do you think is the new fighter?

Who do you think is the new fighter?

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    Who do you think is the new fighter?

    So the new character reveal will be next week (13 April) and the only hint is that this character is on Chaos side. Now that we know that, who do you think it is?

    My guess is someone from 11, 13 or 14 since they don't have anyone to represent the Chaos side. I can't guess 11 and 14 because I never play them. For 13 it has to be a unique and gamers' favourite character. I don't think it's Barthandelus because I think he's not a memorable villain (the only reason why I remember him is because of his ugly faces monster form). Also, what kind of attacks will he have? Fighting him in his human form just seem like a joke to me, I mean look at him. And his monster form is too big to use in Dissidia.

    I think it could be Cid Raines or maybe Rosch for 13.

    Okay, I just come up with another guess. Could be Genesis from Crisis Core? He was a villain in that game and I heard they wanted to put him in the previous Dissidia.

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    Oops, looks like I'm wrong. I thought they were going to add a new villain that never appear in the previous Dissidia games. I didn't know they were going to add in a returning villain. If I knew that, I would have guess Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7 or Galand from the first Final Fantasy.