Thread: big frame drops and massive lags

big frame drops and massive lags

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    big frame drops and massive lags

    I´ve never had big technical issues with the game, but aside of the common bugs which appeared after the "big" update, the game preformance getting worse and worse. The frame rate jumps up and down (between 60-27) and annoying lags ruining my game experience...

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    Yep, I too have experienced some strange FPS behaviour since the last big patch update, it yo-yos up and down quite a bit and at its highest is below the level it used to sit comfortably at.

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    I reverted my GeForce drivers to the ones released on the 1st of March and it helped a lot. Maybe it would work for you.
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    I'm not 100% sure it's due to the last update, but I definitely noticed that after BM patch. I have a high end system that should not have any problem with this game, but sometimes (mainly when I'm on the rooftops of Silenced Cathedral) my fps can suddenly go from steady 60 to 40-50ish when looking at the entire map from above. And it doesn't depend on the graphical settings either. Really strange, but it seems to be mainly related to the new map for me.

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