Thread: League Feedback - a 10 question survey!

League Feedback - a 10 question survey!

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    Post League Feedback - a 10 question survey!

    Good day, everyone!

    Leagues is the hottest feature in Nosgoth for almost a year now.
    It is one that has also sparkled the most controversy as the number of comments to its seasons announcements beats State of Plays and even the Beastmaster update announcement.
    We have seen plenty of individual feedback, but unfortunately it lacks structure, so we decided to create a short formalised survey about the Leagues and the potential changes to it.

    Its only a short 10 question Survey that should take about 2 minutes to complete, because we value your time.

    This is a community initiative. We would like to see the overall picture and share it with the community and the developers as it can be very beneficial for the future of the game if taken seriously.

    Please follow the link above and make your opinion count!

    Authors of the survey: Vole, Ysanoire, GreatM, Sascha Vykos, Farnbeak.

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    I like the initiative

    Took the survey!

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    Did you boys sleep through statistics? Most of the answers to these questions have no value.

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    Raptros, thank you!

    GenocidePete, if you happen to have some time and desire to talk about that, please come to Discord and PM me (Farnbeak)!

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