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Thread: 20th Anniversary Tomb Raider II Remake!

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    20th Anniversary Tomb Raider II Remake!

    This year marks the 20th anniversary of my favorite game series: Tomb Raider has 20 years! On the 10th anniversary, Crystal Dynamics did a pretty good remake of the original Tomb Raider. I'm dreaming the possibility of that kind of remake with Tomb Raider II !

    I am imagining how it would be nice to have a remake with HD graphics of that awesome classic! The Tomb Raider 2013 and The Rise of The Tomb Raider are too much directed toward action, killing, crafting...but not TOMB RAIDING!!
    It would be really satisfying for the connaisseurs to have back a classic with puzzles and exploration. Lara can leave behind her pickaxe and her bow... welcome back to the roots!

    The environments are already chosen and the general level design is already done! It just needs the kind of job that was done to TR Anniversary in 2007.

    It doesn't really need to be done on the same engine and design than the reboots (2013 & 2015). It could only be the same as TR Anniversary (or Underworld) with HD textures. The game could even have a proper style of graphics (shading, more pure colors, etc.).

    It would just be the nicest 20th anniversary gift that the fans could have. I'm pretty sure that there are MANY that would fall back in love with "REAL TOMB RAIDING".

    Imagine the exploration of Venice, Deep ocean, the Great Wall...


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    Ah the Venice levels. One of the best in the series! Amazing atmosphere that was.

    But the question is, would we want to raid this hypothetically remake using new controls, or keep classic controls.

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    It may be of interest to you then that nicobass is making his own fan-made remake of TRII using the Unreal Engine.

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