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    Question Nosgoth League Feedback

    Denizens of Nosgoth,
    the Nosgoth League is one of the most discussed topics in the community and a lot of you shared their opinion on it in the forum already. Since we still have a little break until the next season starts, we would like to have your feedback on certain aspects of the Nosgoth League.
    Therefore a small group of players on discord (GreatM, Sascha Vykos, Ysanoire, Farnbeak, myself) created a little survey for you guys to fill out. It is 10 questions short and only takes about 1-2 minutes.
    This is a community initiative.
    We will present the results of it to you and the developers as soon as possible.

    Go and make your opinion count.
    Link to the survey:
    Feel free to join over 300 of us on the Nosgoth Discord Server using one of those links: |

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    All done.
    One small notice, the MMR shouldn't be hidden. It should reflect the quality of the match making system. eg: Dota2.

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    Done, though for some reason I doubt the devs will really look at the data, but that's actually understandable from a statistical point of view if the amount of people who do the survey is low. Still, I'm hoping they'll actually do something to get their game fixed. They're sitting on a fantastic game, the only problem is they keep breaking it and don't respond to feedback.

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    Well, it can't hurt anyway. And positive response to feedback is the more probable the more structured and abundant it is. The results will have statistical significance even if its only the discord players who fill this in.