So, it has been almost a year since this game has come out and I finally took the chance to play it. You can thank GAME INFORMERS, OPINION/EDITORIAL, ON PLAYING THE GAME BLIND. I forgot who it was written by, but it cemented my choice in buying the game.

I know, stupid me didn't get the time or money to spend on it when it first came out. So I finally decided to rent it from redbox, shaka brah. aha


Episode 1 : Oh okay this isnt so bad. Unique storytelling and character development.
Episode 3 : Feels like MGS. I like this hiding and running away part. the prescotts. They are involved somehow. The ending kicks you in the balls, not feels.
Episode 4 : Another *** ending. WTF is going ON!
Episode 5 : IMO, best one of the game. It felt like more of a television show/movie than a game. I was so emotionally involved into the game that I really didnt care about the ty lip sync or dialouge. I just wanted to save CHLOE

When I first picked it up, I had no clue what I was getting myself into. If I could go back in time to my past self, I would demand myself to savor every moment in the game. There was a few instances when I didn't get around to conversations with certain people, no doubt which would cause a more fervent reaction I would have towards the end.

The last game Square Enix made an impression on me was, Kingdom Hearts. All of them. I was a KH freak and it was my favorite game. I can honestly say SE made me fall in love with them all over again.

Now for some background; this game was a very important part because I had a friend who was killed in a motorcyle accident. The day after it happened, I remember thinking , "What if I could go back and warn him?", "What if I could go back to mess with his bike?" Now, mind you, this happened WAYYY before LIS was even announced.

Also, I love taking photos like Max and am even a bit shy. Even though I am a 19 year MALE old college kid, I felt a strong connection between the characters and myself. Chloe reminded me of one of my childhood friends who moved away to Tulsa, OK. Not because she's punk, but because that's how close that friendship was for me. I have never experienced a friendship as good as that childhood one. No one will. There was also a punk friend, closer than a girlfriend, who was arrested for selling drugs within my highschool with her friend, who acts just like Nathan. An undercover cop busted them and I was left without my "group". I became withdrawn and depressed.
And this game kept on bringing connection after connection with memories that had happened within my life.


I am stuck in a game limbo just when I beat Kingdom Hearts. That just shows how much of a game impacted me on a deeper level.


Finally, last night I finished the game but I decided to save Chloe because I just had to, for my own reasons. But, this morning I showed my mom the alternate ending, she enjoyed the game as much as me, and I started to bawl my eyes out. I mean man....that was depressing as . I mean I got something in my eye.

Anyways, am I the only person that enjoyed the entire story line? I've been reading a alot of negative comments about the ending but I certainly like that decision. Oh and that song, its going to make me cry again.

No Mosh Pitting for You, Shaka Brah!!!!!!!!!!!!