Thread: Give the Savagery talent to the Vanguard

Give the Savagery talent to the Vanguard

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    Give the Savagery talent to the Vanguard

    Hear me out, I know this sounds silly.

    As of right now, the BM has plenty of CQC capabilities, so many that he can't quite possibly utilize them all at once, and probably won't since Savagery hits so hard and so fast, which I made another thread on.

    TO be honest, I think this skill would fit in the Vanguards talents even better than the Beastmasters without being stupid overpowered.

    The Vanguard already hits 150 for his melee, and as a result, his melee attack is much slower. I think that Waraxe and BleedAxe users wouldn't necessarily need this talent, but I do believe Kama users and ESPECIALLY Splitter Hatchet users would love this ability.

    However, definitely change the Talents % from 200 to 100. The Vanguard doesn't need to be hitting 450s, goodness no, but 300s at HIS SWING SPEED doesn't seem to unreasonable... Then again, 300 is quite a lot to hit. Perhaps a 250 would even be enough?

    Regardless, he swings slow, doesn't launch forward like the other classes and he's a big lumbering tough guy, it just seems to fit his character and playstyle much more than the BMs. I feel like this could compliment the Kama and Splitter Hatchet quite nicely if it hit 300 and perhaps see an influx of those two underutilized weapons.

    Just an idea... thoughts?

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    It would seem the most appropriate on vanguard. I really like the talent that increases shield talent damage; having a 300 damage Shield Bash every 8 seconds or so is really nice. A 250 point strike with vanguard could find a place as a talent.

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    indeed it is, as 300 is a hefty chunk, so the risk is...

    Use a safer, longer ranged beef hit every 8 seconds?

    Or use a riskier, less beefy hit as much as you want?

    choices choices! I'm getting myself excited over potential!