Thread: Can I play soon?

Can I play soon?

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    Can I play soon?

    I have managed to play for an hour in the last four days thanks to issues with the game and steam link, not being able to login with my Square Enix account because it never stops trying to relink to steam after disconnecting and now once again I cannot play because the game never stops searching for games. Not the mention the random crashes and temperamental alt tabbing.

    I have also lost 4 days of BM rented stuff and an exp booster. This is not the first time I have lost consumables under similar circumstances. Perhaps attach a game time filter to those *** things if the game is going to be this unreliable seriously. The new reward system actual seems nice though, I might try it own soon.

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    The games been held together with scotch tape every since the BM hit. Not sure why it's still in shambles, but eh, I'm not a programmer, just a worried fan.

    Regardless, your 4 days of rented gear is gone... forever. You can't buy another 7 day trial for anything you've already bought, that is unless, you use runestones, which to me is totally worthless.

    Once you start renting gear in a videogame, it stops becoming a GAME and it starts becoming some kind of... god I don't even know at that point.

    Regardless, you aren't getting that stuff back.

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    Well I guess I got an answer. Too bad had potential, had the fans and it was actually fun. Do find it *** hilarious that we got a thank you for feedback considering it was totally ignored :P