Thread: I just realized that this isn't a bug

I just realized that this isn't a bug

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    I just realized that this isn't a bug

    So a few buddies of mine and I were wondering why the game only pays you gold for the second round of a match.

    My buds said they did some looking but didn't find anything on it.

    Thing is, the only looking you need to do is just wait for the right loading screen to pop up.

    It's intentional.

    It's actually intentional.



    Actually why?

    Your entire playerbase is pretty much unanimous on the fact that prices, especially the forge, are a bit too steep and need to be a little more affordable.

    So your response is to not actually answer their concerns

    Raise the prices of pretty much everything

    Make 7 day trials a ONE TIME PURCHASE ONLY unless you shell out runestones.

    And then you actually INTENTIONALLY pay players gold for the second round?!

    Not only are you making the first round pretty much worthless and are essentially cutting our efforts in half, you purposely make the second round the payout.


    Because the second round has less fighting and sometimes barely any at all depending on the scores.

    Less fighting = less gold.

    Jesus H. Christ

    What kind of suits do you have to listen to? Who's making these decisions? Businessmen?

    Shouldn't it be the game designers?

    I'm slooooowly starting to get fed up with this kind of blatant price hikes in order to squeeze out some more runestone sales.

    I mean ffs, boxes are 5 bucks a piece, is that not enough?

    It's not even a gamble, it's taking a RISK.

    A gamble is betting some of your money that you'll get more in return.

    When the only thing in the boxes are worth 5 bucks, such as the skins, taking the chance of getting something worse isn't gambling, it's just taking a risk.

    I don't know...

    I honestly thought the whole pay-you-on-the-second-round thing was a bug...

    It's not, it's for real, and it's here to stay.

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    I don't think I've ever seen a game that pays out for a match that you quit half way through, even if it's after the team swap. Giving rewards for each round independently would be the same as just having single round matches.

    There are cash grabs in this game **coughchestscough**, but the requirement to complete both rounds isn't one of them.
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    Yeah I realized that with a buddy of mine a few weeks ago. I posted it in the "Bug" section of the forum and got no answer. Now I know why ahah.
    This doesn't make sense AT ALL. Even if they want to squeeze the more runestones as possible out of us, this is a stupid way to do it.

    Because there's absolutely NO VALID REASON to get a gold reward based on the second half of the game. Your whole score should be taken into account, period. I really hope we'll see an explanation for this, and a modification of this system eventually.

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    Yeah the rewards are given for playing one match - which consists of two rounds, one human and the other vampire, the rewards are all issued after its completion, this goes for finds, gold, levelling of all classes etc.

    As for the whole Runestone thing, they have to make their money some how, its a free to play game, and the things you can only buy with Runestones are aesthetic, you can save up the gold or use Runestones on things that’ll change the game, and it doesn't take too long to save if you play some matches.

    ...but don't get me started on the chests though

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    Terrific conspiracy unveilation, clearly made my day.
    Even if we're not talking about bug (which clearly is, despite the lack of responce in Bugs section), but deliberate step of greed corporation, then what? 50-90% of gold reward bases on match outcome, while score was always just a nice bonus. Even during the times when both first and second round were 10 mins long.

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    I'm not sure I'm following the train of thought here. The gold payout is for the match, not the results of the 2nd round. Loss is usually 50 + score influence so its like 60-65 gold and I forget how much a win is, maybe 100 gold. It takes a little bit of time but all abilities can be purchased permanently for putting in game time.

    Chests are just one corporate exec looking at the game design of other companies and trying to implement that here. The problem is that Nosgoth's skins are high quality (for the most part excluding that Tyrant skin with the League tattoo) and the filler junk in the chests makes them almost entirely unworthy of gambling on in addition to the fact that the weapons and skins from the chests ARE NOT EXCLUSIVE so you can totally gamble many copies of the same thing.

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    I don't think your idea is good (OP)...if ppl get rewards from exiting in the middle of the match, we would get many leavers.

    Generally ppl are better in one type (usually better at being Vamp) ppl would just quit after they play their favorite type.

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    OP, there's nothing on the loading screen that suggests you're supposed to get gold only for the second half, it says you get it after the second half (at the end of the match), which is perfectly reasonable.

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    Originally Posted by Ysanoire
    OP, there's nothing on the loading screen that suggests you're supposed to get gold only for the second half, it says you get it after the second half (at the end of the match), which is perfectly reasonable.
    Well, when you look at the score from which your gold reward is based, it clearly shows only the second half score.

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    Originally Posted by Roy644
    Well, when you look at the score from which your gold reward is based, it clearly shows only the second half score.
    But I was addressing the part about it being intentional as evidenced on the loading screen.

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    Originally Posted by lucinvampire
    it doesn't take too long to save if you play some matches.
    Arguable. And with the state of even being able to get matches lately...

    As for the reward, it should count both halves but only be given after the second. Leavers and such.

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    Ok, so I guess I wasn't being clear... again...

    I'm not asking for the game to pay you halfway through, that's silly.

    If you take your score from both halves, you'll get your total score right? The score you see on the final scoreboard.

    However, if you look at the score that comes up when you're being paid, only the score from the second half comes up... You are only paid for the win or loss, and half of your score.

    I think this is silly, seeing as we've been paid for both halves before. Also, the second round has much more potential to be cut short, which means you get paid less.

    For instance; you beat your opp 30 to 10 on your first half, pretty much crushing them, you getting 9 or 10 of those kills. Second half comes around and you beat them at 11 kills, but you only managed to get 2 of those.

    You get paid for those two kills, that's it. Your efforts in the beginning actually HURT your payment in the second, since it ended early. So essentially you get paid for 2 kills, not 9 or 10. Not even your combined 11 or 12.

    It's silly.

    Some of you think this is negligible, seeing as it's so little gold, but why not look and see how many "first halves" you've lost out on, how much gold you've missed. It adds up over time. With the hiked prices, every coin counts and cutting our "bonus" in half isn't helping.

    Conspiracy or not, it's true whether you like it or not, so you can stop being an ass. It's tough to ignore the signs of the Devs (or probably publisher) kinking the coin-hose a little tighter in hopes for more runestone purchases after what I've seen years ago.

    -First half score cut from your bonus
    -Higher forge prices that are still randomized
    -Locked forge attributes that may motivate you to purchase the same ability again to get your desired attribute
    -7 day trials are now a one-time purchase with gold and with Runestones
    -Chests being equivalent in value to 5 USD when the only thing worth 5 bucks in them are the skins, so it's not a gamble, it's taking a risk.
    -More popular items being priced higher. (Tyrants "headstomp" execution is 800RS when the Sentinels 'Winged Death" execution is 1600)

    I'm sure there's more but I'm in class atm.

    Regardless, there's no reason why we should only get bonus gold for the second half and not our combined scores, especially when it was precisely that way years ago.

    This, along with balance issues, broken mechanics, and wonky party systems, this game is really starting to test my patience. It's really wearing me thin...

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