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Thread: There IS a way, mwhahahahaha!

There IS a way, mwhahahahaha!

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    There IS a way, mwhahahahaha!

    You may not no me, but I am Dracoraptor of Dragonia and delegate for the StarTopian Forums (Sector Zeta-Plural)! Bwuhahahahaha! And I checked the old forums once, and people kept arguing whether Aeris can be revived. Bwuhahahaha! You non believers have not red the FAQs and guides for the Japaneser version! Bwha<COUGH!>hahah<COUGH!>. Okay, forget the laughing. But I read a long time ago, that the Japanese version of FF VII let you revive Aeris by letting her heal that guy in the slums where she lived. You know, the guy with the tattoo who was sick and lived in that giant pipe. I forget most of the rest, but I do think it's true. Although I know there is no way of reviving her in the English version. By the way, very good game. Although it is nothing compared to the superior, godly, advanced...

    SNES Versions of Final Fantasy!

    By the way, know a place where I can learn Japanese? I'm sick and tired of trying to look through Japanese Zoids sites, and I must read the Japanese LEGO sites. Bwuhahahaha!

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    Buy a Japanese-for-dummies book.

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    Ah well.. gullible people will always exist.

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    The trick to learning Japanse is to take a profestional corse or dont bother. I tried to learn it out of a book once and failed misurably. I've learnt more watching subtitled Anime then I did from that book.

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    If you devour lots of Japanese peoples brains then you should be able to absorb their knowledge and learn Japanese the easy way.

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    That's true...

    But, learning Japanese so that you could learn how to revive Aries would be quite a laughable waste of time.

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    However Learning Japanse so you can:

    Better understand Japanse things like Anime for example
    Play Japanse games before any one else
    CHARGE freinds to sit there and translate the latest FF game for them
    Say cool stuff in Japanese

    Is a much better plan

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    Ever try using a translator? Sometimes it makes it readable, sometimes it doesn't

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    And how do you plan to insert those Japanese characters in the translator? :P

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    You use the Webpage (http//) translator.

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    I've heard that you can revive Aeris in the english version (only on PS1) by getting defeated by Jenova (the time right before Sephiroth kills Aeris) about 15 times in a row, or until Sephiroth forgets to leave Jenova. Then take out the cd from the PS, put it back in and reset it, then beat Jenova, and Aeris will supposedly still live. I think one of my brother's friend's friend did it or something. hehe

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    Well either in Japanese or english version.. there has to be a way.. because if u go to Wutai..... for some reson they sell "Aurora Rod" which is a weapon for Aeris.... yet there is no way you can get to Wutai before Aeris dies.....

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    Originally posted by Jenova
    Well either in Japanese or english version.. there has to be a way.. because if u go to Wutai..... for some reson they sell "Aurora Rod" which is a weapon for Aeris.... yet there is no way you can get to Wutai before Aeris dies.....
    Shows how much you know. You can get to Wutai before Aeris dies useing the Tiny Bronco before you head to the Temple of the Aheinents.

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    *thinks*......... woops

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    Wutai is my favorite leveling spot pre-Temple

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    i like wutai too.... exept i cant find the dragon scale to get past the fire...... damn i wish i remembered.... wait you guys can all help me

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    Simple. Defeat Godo in his pagoda, i.e. complete Yuffie's subquest and you'll receive Leviathan scales to get rid of the fire.

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    No. You get Leviathan materia which lets you drown those buggers. To get the scales, you get it out of a chest just before you hijack the sub on Junon.

    I'm disappointed in all of you

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    I'll add my boice to Vak's.. I havent' played the game for almost two years now and even I remembered that

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    *slaps head*

    Then what do you get from defeating Godo? :O

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    Aside from Leviathan? All Creation

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    any other way to get the scale ?

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    Originally posted by vakusuma
    Aside from Leviathan? All Creation
    Oh yeah, that was it

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    if you miss the scales in the dock, your just screwed. i am another delegate from the startopia forum Sector zeta... aww screw it, yeah, the name doesn't make sense for me to be a regular at that forum. back to the original question, can aeris be raised, ok, i heard this somewhere, and that person had connections to the programing team (i think)

    Aeris (or slumdrunk as i named her in one game) can be revived, well, could, when they were making the game, you could do it, you needed the key to sector five, you went to the curch and i THINK (havn't done it myself) you can see her ghost there, yes even though you can't revive her anymore they left that part in, you had to she tells you something and the other two steps are to get her white materia, and to go down to the underwater crater (with the sub) now, beacuse they had to make the release date they just made a cut off by taking out the white materia, yes, the rest of the side quest is still there, but you can't enter the crater without the white materia, and therefore, not doable, but you can do half the quest, and say to your friends that you ALMOST got her back, cause you know, they will under stand, when i kill someone, they DON"T COME BACK mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha.

    (this information could bit a bit off what i heard, and could be completely untrue, but i think it's good,a dn it seems like a good explanation.)

    oh, and don't bother trying to revive her completly, just quit mid quest, it's no good, haha, i killed her, she was going to stop me from becoming super seproth 4 SS4 (hehe), and i would have done it too, if it wasn't for those meddeling kids... people. and their stupid dog.... red dog thingy.
    "does half-god phycho killer sephiroth know why kids love cinnamon toast crunch?"
    "they have little brown swirls of blood, THEY MUST DIE TO NURIOUSH ME. well!? am i right kid!?!"
    "yes, of course sir, completely right"

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    Hey people, and about those 35 1/35th soldiers in FFVIII...and The Butcher?

    Seems like old wives tales never die, they just get reincarnated....
    reincarnation, get it?

    Actually, the saying is "Old wives tales never die, they just smell that way."

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