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    Lightbulb Challenge idea

    Hello IO,

    it was said, that we will se some community inspired challenges as part of the live content. So here is a one that I would live to see. It is nothing special. Actually something I would expect from the game like this. So Im missing it there.
    It is basically challenge about perfectly cleat hit. So far we have something similar as "silent assassin" but from my point of view it is not perfect. And allows (forces) you do some stuff, you should not do.

    In my opinion clean Hitman hit should be done i way, that noone will know and suspect you were there. And noone will sucpect some murder has occured.

    So here are the condition for challenge I would love to see:
    - Kill only targets
    - Only "real accident" kill are allowed (defunct light rig, drowning in the river, electic outlet malfunction, falling drunk from balcony are fine. Poison in blood is not a clean hit - autopsy will reveal that. I hope it is understandable what I mean by "real accident")
    - Do not hide bodies! (drowned body in the river is accident. Drowned body in the dumpster is a murder)
    - Do not subdue anybody (if someone wakes in the closet, he will report that something happened)
    - Costumes allowed (but no subduing. So only the once that can be found around)
    - Do not delete video evidence (deleted records are proof someone was there)
    - You can be recorded on the cameras (because there will no murder, only accidend, noone will look for you on the tapes)
    - You can not be recorded staging the accidend (I mean you can be recorded walking. not using crowbar to drop the stereo)
    - And of course - dont get spotted

    Again. Basic idea is to kill the targets. But dont leavy any evidence at all, that something else happened.
    This is a challenge I would live to see for every story mission.

    Is something like this possible? I mean "Silent assassin" is a nice challenge. But you can finish it with lots of evidednce left (subdued non-targets, tampered camera system, hidden bodies with poison in their blood) so ti is not as clean as it can be :-D
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    The idea behind community-inspired challenges is that we create a challenge based on feedback or something impressive/funny/creative that we see players pull-off.

    The first example was one player knocking out all the guards in the Final Test with a hammer. We've lined up a challenge for that.
    Another was all the love for the Vampire Magician disguise and how it would be great if there were challenges for that, so we set about creating the Vampire Magician challenge Pack. More will come, for sure.

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    +1 for all of it. Rating system is poor, especially comparing with Blood Money. Challenge (achievement) itself may be not that important but rating should be affected by such details.

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    I know oyu are adding community inspired challenges. That is why I wrote what I would love to see. Hoping it will be at least consdiered.

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