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Thread: Contract Mode NEW Feature Ideas / Requests for Devs

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    Contract Mode NEW Feature Ideas / Requests for Devs

    I know many others on the forums are requesting a few more features for the CONTRACTS mode, and I do know the Devs are working on it.

    Aside from that, I have 3 specific features I would like to see, that I think would make it an awesome, perfectly replayable, and exciting game mode to play and create in.

    * Please Note These Are My Personal Opinions Only *

    As I play the Paris level, and watch what characters do, and overhear tidbits of conversation, it makes me want to explore so many stories and other characters that we only catch a glimpse of. For one, I'm really intrigued by the Liz / St Clair storyline and characters, and I would LOVE to explore that story more. But right now, Contracts Mode is now doesn't really allow us to craft those stories.

    I feel that's the most important element - the ability for users to craft stories in "Contracts" mode. If we have that ability, then we will be able to create awesome and intriguing levels that are fun and engaging to play, and will keep us coming back for more.

    With 3 somewhat simple enough features, I believe it could!
    If there I know some players out there could make some awesome storylines that fit within, yet rival the main storyline of each level, if only that had a few more options in Contracts Mode creation.

    So, here's what I think needs to be added to CONTRACT CREATION:


    Maybe I want to create a level and give hitman no equipment at all, so that they have to find all their own
    equipment within the level. Maybe my target is easy, but suddenly made harder by having to scrounge around for a
    gun or explosive. Or, maybe the target I chose is hard to get to, but I want to give the Hitman a good chance by
    giving them a specific item like an explosive as it fits into my story description. ("Agent 47, the client requested this hit to be as messy as possible to send the others a message..."

    An option to check off that in creation that requires the user to kill the target in the same room I killed them in when creating the level. Additionally, this feature would "hide" the target's status (they would be grey in instincts) UNTIL both the Hitman and the target were in the required room. Then the target would glow red (in instincts), until they walked out of the room again, where they would be grey again and no longer a target. Basically requiring them to be killed in that specific area. In the details screen, the image of the target would be a question mark.

    Why is this important? It allows us to create a story, and choose our own difficulty for the level. Let's say I created an alternate story for the Paris mission where Novikov hires us to kill St. Clair who is blackmailing him and AND her secret accomplice. The story description I create tells the player to make sure to attend the IAGO meeting, where you will have to rat out the accomplice and kill them too.

    Doing so immediately this creates an air of mystry to the level. We know one target, and know exactly where she is... but not the other. So this forces us to do a bit of freeform to kill St. Clair, but then forces us to play a role inside the story I created at the same time. We now have to attend the IAGO meeting, and when we do, our instinct reveals the second target... and surprise, it's Liz!

    Maybe not a big surprise, but by hiding then revealing the target in a specific room, and requiring the player to kill them there inside the iago meeting area, is important - because the hitman would easily have killed Liz right at the start when she goes to the bathroom all by herself. Mission done, less than a minute to complete, and my cool alternate story wouldn't mean a thing! But by limiting the kill, and hiding who our target is until seeing the target in the specific kill room, it now makes Liz an interesting target. Much harder where there's other people and guards frisk you on the way in to the meeting.

    But more importantly, it allows me to craft a story.

    And this would be awesome, because it's like playing an alternate story where you are working for Novikov.
    working for him. It just adds extra layers of engagement to the Contracts.

    Alternatively useful, our pre-mission description could be very specific telling the player what room to find the target, or we could be very vague by saying "find the target with the white shoes", whereby almost creating a semi-elusive target ourselves. Maybe there might be 3 people in the level with white shoes, and the player has to tail each one, until the moment they enter the specific room (which the user doesn't know) and bingo, they turn red when we use instinct, so now we know our target.


    This is probaly the hardest to do, but it would be a simple version of "opportunites" feature.

    Basically, allow us to create voices for certain characters. So when Hitman enters the area, it will say "opportunity
    revealing", and then it would trigger and play the up to 30 seconds of voice work we recorded ourselves.

    Maybe we create create up to 3 or 4 of them in a level.
    This would allows us to craft more interesting stories, create voices and dialogue for other wise un-interesting characters, and we could even give hints to the player... the advanced player can ignore them, or the beginner player can seek them out and listen to our hints. Afterall, if I did a cool kill in a unique way, and I want other players to experience it themselves, I may want to give hints to the player on how I did that, using well crafted dialogue the hitman overhears around the level.

    For example, the description to my level could say: "Dress as a waiter and go to the bar. There, your informant will pass along the information about your target."

    Again, this allows us to guide the player inside our story, at least in the beginning. So, they dress as a waiter, blend in, and our opportunities voice starts playing when they enter the area: "Psst... Your target is a lady in a red skirt. She was last seen near the south stairs..." And when combined with my Number 2 point, where the target could be hidden until we see the target at the south stairs...

    It allows us to guide the player within our story.

    Alternatively, we could use the opportunities to build up a story or to further enhance immersion, have them rattle off rumours about a hitman, or whatever tidbits that will enhance our created scenario...


    Overall, I think those 3 points would allow players to create engaging new sub stories within each level IO creates. I think they could be varied, exciting, and end up feeling very different from each other.

    As it stands, the current Contracts Mode allows me to simply run up to the target, shoot then point black, then run to the exit. And win just about every time. Not at all exciting or different. There's no story, or guiding of me, or anything that even feels like a story or interesting level. Feels nearly the same each time.

    I read other people's ideas for Contracts Mode, and they had excellent points too!
    Such as options to require that bodies be hidden, accident kills, and so on.

    Another person mentioned the ability to decide the movement pattern of one target, including a path and wait times are each stopping location. All cool stuff too that could help.

    Anyway, those are my ideas. Thanks for listening. I hope the devs could manage to include some or all of them at some point in time for Contracts, as I feel it would make it so rich and replayable. I know some players out there could make some awesome storylines that fit within, yet rival the main storyline of each level!

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    i think contracts need a way to bookmark contracts, and search for conracts.
    i played one in the new contract list liked wanted to play it again later that day just gone
    pretty stupid they dont have some thing like this already its not the first time theyve done conracts
    absolution contracts wasnt great but it all over this 2016 contracts

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    Thanks Valenka, I'll check that wishlist out!

    Quote Originally Posted by Valenka View Post

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    After playing Hitman a lot more, and creating my own contracts, I have decided to amend my original post above, and have concluded the following:

    While my initial ideas above would still be completely awesome if integrated, I think other users are right in asking for
    this list of features INSTEAD for Contracts Mode:

    -Require specific method of kill (cycle between any, optional, and required)
    -Option to enforce "No Bodies Found". (As long as no one sees a body, hiding it is optional)
    -Option to enforce "Unnoticed Kills"
    -Recognize "Accident" as an accident

    The above should be easy to implement in contracts, because those features are already in the single player and escalation, so the systems are already in place. Just give us a button that cycles those options. I think those simple conditions should be enough to let some players craft challenging and puzzle-like contracts.

    My issue is that currently, in contracts mode, just about any contract can be passed by running and gunning: run right up to each contract target with knife or gun, run to next target, then escape. Yes, you are being noticed, shot at, and it's messy, but if you are quick, they can all be done in a minute, no skill required whatsoever. Just about every time.

    That's possible because no conditions are required on a contract.

    I designed a cool contract. The way I played it required observing these minor characters who were in a crowd, and somehow I had to find a way to get them alone to perform an accident kill. It took careful watching, following, planning, progressing the mission's story to get players positioned in the right places, and waiting for the right moment when they were both near a hiding place, and an accident zone. It was possible to do it all, with a no noticed kills, and no bodies found. The contract felt as exciting and intricate as a main mission storyline, and very much involved puzzle solving, and knowing the map.

    But, when the contract is made, it says only "Melee Kill" Optional. That's the only condition.

    So, someone can play this contract, run up to my targets with a knife, kill them, run to the next target, then run outside the mission all within 2 mins or less. They would skip all the puzzles, storyline, everything.

    Requiring certain conditions would let the user know that's how it's designed, and would result in a variety of contracts - some more or less difficult, with some requiring methodical planning to pass, with some freeform.

    I know game devs are worried that if the contracts are not freeform, people won't like them - but the fact that
    ALL contracts are currently freeform is the reason they may not be liked. People will design a variety of contract missions - some will be freeform and involve mass shooting targets, others will have a mix of freeform and conditional situations. The variety of requirements is what will keep it fresh and exciting.

    Those are my updated thoughts. Hoping the devs can upgrade Contracts Mode earlier, so that players can create interesting story and puzzle-laden Contracts while we await new maps / content.

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