Thread: Dominate Mind needs some Love

Dominate Mind needs some Love

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    Dominate Mind needs some Love

    I'll keep it brief.

    Dominate Mind, as is, is a decent skill.

    Takes a little finesse to get the most out of it, but that's okay.

    All it needs is some kind of mechanic that helps you along with score.

    Too often have I found myself at the bottom of the scoreboard when I use Dom-mind.

    Not because I'm dying, rather my main ability is being stolen from me with no real reciprocation.

    The idea is to use Dom-mind to make the human more vulnerable. It does a solid 350 damage, but it's over time, and leaves you vulnerable.

    If you were to walk him into a hazard, or another teammate, it'll deal damage to him, but give the damage to whoever is actually hitting him.

    Fair enough.

    The real issue is the damage threshold. If the human receives, I think it's 300 damage, from OUTSIDE sources, it'll break the dom, that way, you can't dom a human and pretty much guarantee his death.

    If someone hits him for 250, I'm pretty sure you can still accrue your 350 damage as well. Not 100% on this though as I usually don't pay too much attention to it ingame, and because I can't see how much damage my teammates do.

    This threshold also breaks if the human gets staggered or knocked over. Abilities like charge, grab, pounce, abduct, will break your Dom, and give you your entire cooldown to wait for.

    I'm not asking for a cooldown reduction, as that'd have the potential of breaking a rather well balanced skill, I'm asking for some kind of accolade or special assist whenever someone does damage to your dommed human.

    Perhaps, even give a fraction of the damage to the Deceiver, just to boost his score a bit, because it's tough to really level anything using that skill.

    I'm not entirely sure HOW I would go about it, but I certainly think he could use some kind of score assist when someone breaks his dom prematurely.

    I guess I didn't keep it brief

    Oh well

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    I made a suggestion request specifically for a time rebate based on how long Dominate Mind was active specifically because it gets interrupted by everything and has a 25 second cooldown. That's why Dominate Mind deceivers look useless on scores, because they're always waiting for that cooldown to wear off. Dominate Mind is fairly good, despite the poor targeting and lack of time indicator to know how long it's been used, both of which I would love to see overhauled.

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    No sympathy here- i hate both Decivers and all thier skills. For me they are unfair about as much as scout Rambo bow + predator cloaking.
    There should be some warning, that let`s you dodge, or at least try to dodge, because, frankly, Dominate Mind is pain in the . Especialy when i have... bad person in opposite team, who hunts me whit it
    But if somebody would ask me- i`d say damage should be splitted between Deciver and whoever is hitting poor human, and experience should be also splitted. If Dominate Mind would have shorter cool down, or could affect human longer- any team with deciver onboard would win easy. Good Tyrant with enrage and 3 decivers with dominate mind... Slaughter, no matter who is on the other side. So... NO. I am against any improvements, aside from giving him his share of xp. "But poor deciver is in danger when he does this". Yes so is Reaver, when he pounces, Tyrant when he charges, and so on. What is the phrase i always get when i`m complaning about not being able shoot Zephonim in the face several times, because he either walks around with Dominate Mind ready to go off the second he aims at me, or he is invisible?
    "Bad team play"

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    I haven't ever seen a team of 3 deceivers with DM and an Enrage tyrant but there's a couple of ifs going on there. If the deceivers manage to activate DM synchronously and if the tyrant goes after the human who isn't DM'd, sure that could be devastating. I can't say I have seen it though.

    I have seen a few matches where 2 deceivers used DM a lot and without all of the team mates actively looking to ward the deceiver off, it was tough. However, DM shouldn't be frustrating to use simply because of UI and targeting functionality.

    An indicator that DM is about to strike doesn't sound like a good thing. Players can usually ping the deceiver right away when DM lands and the targeting is finicky anyway. Giving a warning to let players roll away will make DM too difficult to use, plus they can communicate to their team mates that the deceiver is in line of sight. That's too much.

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    Originally Posted by TheDreamcrusher
    time rebate based on how long Dominate Mind was active
    I like that idea. Perhaps that's all the love it needs... though I also think the DM'd human should not be able to place any ping markers.

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    A time rebate sounds perfect. And I have to agree with gnome that a dominated human shouldn't be capable of placing markers. I mean, their mind's dominated, y'know...

    And there definitely needs to be something to account for score. Isn't one of the score categories still labeled "Support"? Throw in some points there when a human is DM'd, vary it based on the time they're held (leave any damage score for whoever throws the attack). Support is more than just healing, after all...

    Originally Posted by Heretic_13
    No sympathy here- i hate both Decivers and all thier skills.

    Pardon the paraphrase but we get it already, you hate deceivers because they're "dishonest" and "unfair" and because they wipe the floor with you but this issue isn't about you. It's about those who run the class. And you need to go sit in a corner and think about how petty it is to be against something (improvement) that is by definition a good thing.

    A Reaver can cancel pounce early to escape. A Tyrant can escape after a Charge or turn during a Charge to escape. Both have attack-negating defenses to aid said escape. Meanwhile a Deceiver is stuck immobile for the duration with a giant glowing target on him. These scenarios are not comparable in any significant way.
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    Actually, you can cancel Dominate Mind at any time by pressing E. But yeah, I agree, it should receive a support score. In fact, it would be nice if all disabling and buffing skills would receive a support score (bola, hex shot, ley line etc.).

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    And i`m told, i behave disrespectfuly...
    Yes, you can cancel Dominate Mind. I saw that. That is one point.
    I once played against 4 decivers, all of them with shroud. That was a fun game, y`know? Dying because 4 guys just stand next to you. Try to counter that with crossbow and bola. "So change class... hurr durr". In my team: I had alchemist, i had scout- then he changed to vanguard, i had prophet- then he changed to vanguard. Didn`t do Jack. Well played, good job balancing game. I had once team with 3 decivers, all of them dominate mind. Thankfully, none of them was smart enough to use shroud, so my 3 scouts were pickig them out pretty quickly- but that was only pure luck. Any of them would finally think about it, and they would have make short work out of us
    I`m not saying "Decivers shouldn`t exist in game, or they should be treated the worst". I`m just saying that Dominate Mind, or rather countering it, has nothing to do with skill and/or reflex. You are just taken for a ride, and you can only hope for your team to save you
    Pounce, abduct, charge, abyssal bolt- you can dodge them. Dominate mind? Forget it

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    Originally Posted by Heretic_13
    Pounce, abduct, charge, abyssal bolt- you can dodge them. Dominate mind? Forget it
    You can absolutely dodge it. Know there's a DM player in the round? Keep watch, stay alert. See one about to use it? Move out of sight or range. Or disable them before they can do so. Reflex. And teamwork is a skill. If they were to add an indicator, it would make it too easy to avoid - and it's already easy if the team's looking out for it.

    As for dying because four guys stand next to you: Move. Attack them.
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    If this skill somehow added to your support points, I'd be all for that idea.

    Very appealing idea indeed