Thread: Nosgoth Discord Fun Cup #2

Nosgoth Discord Fun Cup #2

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    Big Grin Nosgoth Discord Fun Cup #2

    Hello guys,

    we are hosting another cup for you guys, since the first one last week was hilariously funny already.

    Date: Wednesday, 30.03.2016
    Time: 20.00 CEST

    Sign up as single player or duo.

    Join the Nosgoth Cups discord server for more information and to sign up.

    Everyone is welcome!

    Some more infos:
    We are looking forward to fair and fun matches, therefore the admins will try to form balanced teams.
    There will be a winner and a loser bracket. Each team will be able to play 3 matches.
    The whole cup is going to be managed and hosted on the Discord Server above.

    If you want to get those news first-hand in the future, consider joining the main Nosgoth Discord Server. The invite link can be found in my signature.
    Feel free to join over 300 of us on the Nosgoth Discord Server using one of those links: |

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