Thread: Legacy of Kain RP site interest?

Legacy of Kain RP site interest?

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    Legacy of Kain RP site interest?

    I've been toying with this idea for some time, and I could see that many of you share the passion I have for the series and that each of you have created characters for it. So yeah, I'm interested in creating a Legacy of Kain RP forum set during the war for Nosgoth. Having an abundance of Roleplaying experience in websites where there's deadly contact and social interaction aplenty, I've seen for myself the potential for having a good time here. Picture being able to participate in the intrigues of the clans or a bar-fight between an Iron Guard and a Scout over a pretty tavern wench. To awake as a Vampire fledgling instinctively gasping for air as their once-dead corpse is invigorated with new life or a fresh Iron Guard recruit looking back upon a home he may never live to see again; or perhaps a former slave tasting his new found freedom with either ecstacy or lamentation or a Razielim reflecting upon its inner turmoil as being servants of the Empire yet conflicted on the legacy of their 'dead' Patriarch. So many potential storylines in this newest chapter of Nosgoth's history, so much to explore within this age of conflict.

    So, what do you guys think? Any ideas are more than welcome to make this the best Roleplaying experience as possible. And yes, humans will have access to close combat might save them if they get a lucky stab to a Vampire's heart or neck.

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    Something similar was done a while back but kinda fizzled out. It was interesting and it'd be nice if it started up again.

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    You will also be interested to know that players will have the chance to play as canon characters within Nosgoth.

    Yep, it means you can, after an application form, play as one of the Lieutenants themselves or even the (living) Human characters we get to see within the lore writings.

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    Its not finished, but its good to get a head start if interested:

    Apologies for the double post.