Thread: What is up with matchmaking?!

What is up with matchmaking?!

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    What is up with matchmaking?!

    Take a look at that. Every single time I try to enter ranked queue, it gives me this BS followed up by "Failed to enter queue." My Square Enix and Steam accounts are already linked, yet it's still giving me this every single time I'm about to enter a server, whether it's ranked or not. Also, what I don't understand is that the devs are seemingly wanting to get away from steam yet this game still requires you to log into steam to actually play, AND the BS that I just talked about above where you need to link your SE and Steam accounts. No chance of getting to blood this season, hell I can't even play a freaking normal game.

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    Yep, getting it alot too but in normal tdm. Seen multiple people streaming on twitch having the same issue. Still hard to just play the game...

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    I got this yesterday, but when I just clicked "Okay" and ignored it to get into a match, it still worked and I could play just fine. Maybe it just blinks out for a second every once in a while? Because when my account unlinked itself just before the Beastmaster update, the play button was greyed out and the status message said something else (I can't remember what) and was basically unable to do anything.
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    Still having this issue As of the start of April. Are the developers still there or are we the only people who still care about this game at all?

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    I've been getting a lot of this...and usually this doesn't go away and i can't find any matches.

    Dunno how to fix this...i usually have to try again much later, but unsure it MM will work.