Thread: Wow, this game is not dead yet

Wow, this game is not dead yet

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    Big Grin Wow, this game is not dead yet

    I was a bit surprised about online - 1k players...Before it was about 700-800. Seems money prizes helped a bit.
    So, i didn't play months and wanted to ask:
    1. Did devs finally implent any balance changes or everyone keep playing same classes with same weapons ?
    2. How is new class ? Does it feel OP ?
    3. When will game become open beta ?
    4. Anyone major changes which i missed except new class ?

    I just want to have any reason not to delete it from steam

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    2. Still haven't unlocked but consensus appears to be split between it being decent or underwhelming. Lightning seems to be a common disappointment. And it has a number of auditory flaws, too loud or sharing sound effects with other classes...

    3. It...Already is, I think. Official release is next, IIRC.

    4. We got some news on the Rahabim (via interview) at last. Nothing else really big, AFAIK.

    Really, if you want to delete it, might as well. You can always get it back later if some new change piques your interest.
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    Only 1 answer =( Even forums are quite dead.

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    If you want realtime responses from players who play everyday, join up here:

    Thats where a lot of the community hangs out, too depressing on forums tbh.
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    1. There were not many balance changes yet
    2. The new class is awesome, although some slight adjustmemts could be cool. It has a totally different playstile from the other human classes since its guns are pretty weak.
    3. It is in open beta for quite some time now. How long were you gone from Nosgoth?
    4. New Senti ability for instance.

    Also what Sonix said. Come join us on Discord. We are hosting a fun cup on wednesday.
    Feel free to join over 300 of us on the Nosgoth Discord Server using one of those links: |

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    IMO, it's not about dead formus (which is true also), but "come and beg me not to delete your tiny game" tone. You can easily find answers by playing few matches or watch some streams. Of course, if we're talking about informative, not arrogant side of the thread.