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impossible to make a party

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    I was trying to make a party with friends but that seems impossible right now.
    Either one or two don't get in the lobby, one shows as lvl 1 when he/she joins the party, the game doesn't start cuz we have to restart the game cuz of these bugs or they do not show up in the party at all altho they accepted the inv.
    We just want to hang around and have fun but there is now way right now.

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    I get these a few times also.

    A workaround is to kick your friends and re-invite them till it works properly...if after like 3-4 tries it doesn't work, try restarting the game.

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    I have nothing to do, it's lunch break, so I decided to UP this thread because, well... It's still impossible to play with friends maybe ? This began after the BM update, no word from the dev team, no solid workaround, nothing.

    I stopped playing more than a week ago actually, but since there's still no word from the devs, I'm assuming it's still bugged, why wouldn't it be ? Why on Earth repairing broken parties in an online multiplayer game would be considered as a top priority ? Skinzz and chests are more important, I understand that... Just kidding, fix the parties please.

    Oh and take a look at the daily playerbase the last couple of days. If you care a little bit about what you've created, you would be alarmed by the diminishing playerbase. People are tired of acknowledging gamebreaking issues while you just ignore everything and lead the game to its certain death. Wake up please.

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    We’ve managed to have some success with a party of two as of late, adding anymore than one friend to the party seems to destroy the party or it freak out.

    This might just be sheer luck on our part and not actually something that helps, but we have lots countless hours on this and lost the will to live!

    Both start the game and wait for it to load
    If one has already played matches already – then restart
    One person send invite, the sender hears the two thuds
    Friend invite accepted
    After about 20-30 seconds another thud happens and the friend should appear after they have accepted the invite
    Give it a moment…

    Don’t get impatient and resend the invite straight away (thinking your mate hasn't received it) otherwise it freaks out and it will fail. Check with you friend before issuing another one to if its actually come up on their screen.

    If the person you’ve invited is showing as lvl1 or only on one persons screen then both people need to restart the game and do the above again, if it fails again then restart again. It seems to not like working if you’ve already had failed invite.

    If you get the party server error, guess what its time to restart again.

    If you have no friends online, it's restarting time again.

    If you get the link your account error, and I bet you can guess what you need to do...restart again!

    That said if you get the two errors, party server error, linking account error as well as the matchmaking error, when you are searching for a match then if you wait again for a little and then re-search for a game it should then work, if you try to hit search straight away it'll freak out again and bring up the errors again.

    If you cancel a search or leave a lobby note that your party may get split!

    As I say just what we’ve found. I really do hope they fix this soon, its seriously driving me nuts!

    Party ranting!

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    Thanks for the numerous advice mate. And actually, me and my buddies already tried a lot of the things that you're suggesting, but with little to no success. At first, we really wanted to create parties, so we tried all the weird combinations of workaround possible. But it got irritating seeing the devs simply ignored the problem.

    And seriously, do you really think I want to spend... sorry... LOSE my time doing all of those things in order to play a game ? A GAME ? I'm sorry, but no. I love Nosgoth, I put more than 500 hours into it, but I don't want to spend 2 hours to get a party running... At that point, it's 100% the devs problem if I stopped playing, they shouldn't assume that it's normal for players to go through that mess to create a party.

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    Having the same issue, But I'm usually the one invited. What i see from my point of view. Is that I always get stuck half way in the joining process.
    To further explain. When i hit the accept button it puts me into lobby, but my friend's don't ever see me join. Although I see, I've joined them, Every one is level one. Also I'm stuck in lobby seeing the start screen. As if they haven't selected a game type to play while there in a lobby of TDM already. And I'm stuck in the half loaded position.