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New Game in my Arcade

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    Smile New Game in my Arcade

    I added a new PuttPutt game I found on the net.
    I think it's fun, so I thought I'd announce it.

    It runs on "Flash".......... so you need Flash to play it...but I assume almost everyone has a Flash Player by now.

    My best score is 23 so far.
    Can ya beat it?
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    Ooh, Im up for the challenge. I bet you my blackjack that ill beat that

    Damn I scored 40, but that was my first try.

  3. I think I'll have a go at that Rick
    I just might give me the break I need for a few days, Unless I re-play RTCW or DX

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    40 isn't bad for your first round. It takes a little getting used to.
    I just had 21 going into the last hole.....which I always get in 1....and I choked.

    btw...All the holes can be sunk in one shot. I've done it to each.....I just haven't been able to do them all in the same round.

    Got 22 now
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    Added another Putt Putt game to the page, and a Snow Ball fight game.

    The new Putt Putt is much harder than the original one.
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    Hey Rick I got 59 for a first attempt at PP2

    Man is hole 17 HARD or what

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    LOL...a 10!! Ouch!

    Yeah...#17 is definatly the hardest IMO.

    Here's my best so far on PP2:
    <img src="">

    btw...Did you know that 3 under par is called an "Albitrose" or something like that??? I got one (not in my best round) and thats what it said.
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    I scored a 54. Don't know how but that's what I did.

  9. I just got 40 in PP2
    I still hate hole 17 I managed a hole in 2.
    BTW I've played 12 rounds to get the 40

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    Just got a 47 on PP2. Bogeyed one hole... but 17 really wasn't a problem. Ten was the problem. Maybe we ought to hold a Taffer Mini Golf tournament?

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