Thread: How to play CM16 on windows 10(TUTORIAL)

How to play CM16 on windows 10(TUTORIAL)

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    How to play CM16 on windows 10(TUTORIAL)

    Hey guys and gals i thought i would do a tutorial on how to play our beloved CM16 on windows 10 pc/laptops and tablets.

    BTW this works for windows xp upwards and not just windows 10 but this will not work on mobile devices running windows 10.

    First you need a good pc/laptop or tablet, if you get a system requirement error then you can't install Blue Stacks.

    Now you will need to install Blue Stacks as this will be your emulator like thing which is android based, see below for the link.

    Now once its finished downloading simply install it by double tapping the .exe file which normally will be located in the download folder.
    Now thats finished installing closing it will then open Blue Stacks and once that has opened you will be presented with a welcome tab, now at the top just below the tabs there will be a search box simply type in champ man 16, you will notice that it can't be found and that a message will appear about searching on the playstore or something like that(I cant remember sorry, nm see below) anyway just click on it.

    RESULTS: 0

    No results found for champ man 16


    Double check that all words are spelled correctly
    Go ahead and search on Google Play

    Search Play for champ man 16


    So now you will be presented with something you may be familiar with if your a droid user if not don't worry, now simply log in with your google account which i would assume(droid user or not) you will have one if not it will tell you create one.

    If you did the above successfully then you will now see 3 options, just follow the 3 options which is easy to understand and wait around about 3 mins may be quicker depending on how good your device is ...

    Now that you have clicked on search play for champ man 16 it may come up a loading bar just wait and once that is loaded you will see a list of games simply click on champ man 16 and then you will see a green button saying install click on that.

    You may get an error while attempting to install CM16(Error retrieving information from server [RPC:S-7:AEC-0]
    ) if you are unlucky and get this error you can not install it, meh, don't panic just see below for another way how to do it.

    Now im not sure if is allowed with SE so im sorry if its not i am only assuming it is.
    This next step involves you install a download CM16 apk file, this is an original apk file and to my knowledge has not been hacked, cracked or tampered with(i don't condone that) so its just like the proper download like if you were downloading it from the playstore.
    To do this just see the zippyshare link below but please note that i downloaded the link from a source and i did not do whatever you do to get apk files and share em etc.
    Don't panic i have tested it(well on Blue Stacks anyway) and it is working fine no viruses or that, and to mention this is the latest update(January transfer update)

    Click on that link and to your right is an orange download button click on that and what till the apk downloads, once it has simply go to your Blue Stacks and click on the circle apk sign on the left navigation bar and find your apk file, you will now get a little message saying its installing, then(if using windows 10) a message will appear on the right hand side saying its installed after that the game will load , then boosh happy days you can now play CM16 on a windows device except mobile sadly.

    PS: Downloading and installing the apk may not be allowed by SE and as such i would like to say sorry to SE aswell as DD if this against terms im just trying help other people play
    Another note is that you will still get ads as per.

    upload gif from url
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    Looks cool to play on pc but I preffer the old smartphone lol