I was thinking of making a new fighting game with Sony and Square Enix. It's called: Final Fantasy Vs. Real World. It's where all the Final Fantasy's heroes and bad guys fight real Earth people. Donovan Starezz is the first Real World fighter as a Tae Kwon Do and Judo mix. He befriends Wilder Almens, a Nu Mou and Nero Santiago, a Bangaa. He fights other people to save both worlds. His step-dad Migelo the bangaa also joins in the fight as a secret unlockable player by pre-ordering the game. Donovan meets more then Migelo, Nero and Wilder. He finds more friends to help him. The game has a select support mode: Defense, Attack and Recover. Stat boosts are also in recovery style. So, what do you guys think? I came up with this by myself and I'm 25, non-working and a disabled man that really is not disabled. I am Donovan Starez's voice in the game. If this works: I got to find people who have the right voice for the friends Donovan encounters. Wilder speaks English, but old English from the past. Nero is a Spanish speaking Bangaa with English too. Nero and his family are from Spain to be exact. But, we should say Eastern parts of the Country.