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Thread: [PC] Missing Cold Darkness Cards And Pack bug Maybe

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    [PC] Missing Cold Darkness Cards And Pack bug Maybe

    I own the season pass etc. and when I got on to collect the items from cold darkness when it was released when i got in game a box talking about cold darkness popped up and said to collect the cards I think it was so i tried going there and kept getting the servers are unavailable try again later so I did the trick of opening and closing the in game store and that let me get to the gift part and when I opened the pack all it was was about 5000 credits and no cards also for some reason on steam in my library in dlc it says I own the remnant resistance pack and shows up in my weapons tab to equip in game but when I click the full list of dlc from the steam store part it says I need to buy it anyone know what is up with these 2 issues?

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    I never received the initial, 15-card pack from Cold Darkness on PC myself. Got it no problem on Xbox 360 and didn't have any problems with earlier DLC releases, but Cold Darkness went amiss. I tried removing the DLC through the DLC list on Steam and it did redownload, but upon running the game I was prompted (on the main screen) that my inventory was full and the unspecified card pack could not be opened at the time. It doesn't show on the Gifts page as is the case with other "inventory full" packs (namely, Juggernaut)

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    I have also received the season pass. I'm sitting on full inventory error when I load the game or try to open the pack that I got for collecting 100 artifacts in Endurance.

    Also, I'm missing several foils in all expedition menus, following being them:
    -Foil Fire Axe
    -Foil Master Hunter
    -Foil Tool Belt
    -Foil Holy Fire

    They were unlocked but I have never seen them in any of the menus. I didn't sell them, obviously. So what is going on?

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