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Monetization issue

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    Monetization issue

    Bought two of the new boxes, spend $10, got one mysterious and one WINTER item.Sersiously? Would I ever spend another cent on these boxes? Never!

    These items are not even relevant for your core players. Just garbage.

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    Unfortunately, many still buy the boxes anyway which sends a lovely little message of "Take our money anyway!" so it won't ever improve. Not for Nosgoth or any other game where the players can't wean themselves off the pretty knick-knacks.

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    Devs have to make money somehow... spent a decent penny on this and didn't get anything. It's okay to have an RNG element but the % chance of getting a skin which is what we're all after is unrealistically low.
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    I'm fine with devs earning money, I'm saying there is NULL value in these packs, they have to be redesigned.

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    You aren't the first to complain (probably not the last).

    We made many suggestions, and the fairest being to remove the junk and only leave the cool stuff in the chests...ffs, having arcane and boosters in chests??

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    Yeah, everyone is complaining about these having very bad value, but the devs have said they are 'happy' with how they work right now.... so.... go figure.

    Either people are buying enough of them, or someone in SE is really resistant to feedback.

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    I mean it's not hard, remove the useless items and fill it with "tickets" that would allow to buy me the item I want when I have X of them... wtf, it's not that this is your first game...

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    Originally Posted by Lavamancer
    I mean it's not hard, remove the useless items and fill it with "tickets" that would allow to buy me the item I want when I have X of them... wtf, it's not that this is your first game...
    That could work...Though say something's so many tickets, how much would one drop on chests/keys before they collected enough? Could be tricky, item/chest prices would need reworking. Sounds better overall though. At the very least, you'd be guaranteed to get what you want if you kept at it. As-is, you're really only guaranteed to get screwed over.

    @Ysa: SE is a business first. If they were getting any worthwhile feedback, they wouldn't resist. But they're not because people are buying. The verbal feedback is meaningless.

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    If the chests were a buck or two, I wouldn't have an issue with them, but five?

    The only things worth five bucks in the chest are the skins, and they don't drop for beans.

    If it were two bucks a piece, it'd be a gamble, but it's five bucks a piece, so it's more of a "Take a shot at getting something worth your money or get something virtually worthless"

    I like the idea of rare, beautiful skins, I really do... but when you've got a better chance at getting something worth not even a buck or two, when spending FIVE....

    I dunno, it just really throws some people off.

    Hell, I'd even buy 'em if they were $2.50 a piece.

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    Every time I see one of these chest threads I really try to stop myself from posting – but I can’t help myself.

    I hate these things with so much passion, haven't bought any or keys since they existed, and never will. I have opened a few with the "free keys" I’ve got but that’s it – why because these things in my mind are a complete waste of my money.

    I'd spend loads of money if things were purchasable in store, I think I have every weapon/skin/banner that's available to buy, but nope not gonna touch a chest with a barge pole.

    I spent a good 40 mins the other night deleting all 400 (or so) I'd accumulated since they came out...what a waste of my time and my life.

    I agree though if people buy them they will always stay and the few who moan will continue to I have done.

    Burn them with fire!