Thread: Update making my CPU and Motherboard 80°C+ temperature

Update making my CPU and Motherboard 80°C+ temperature

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    Update making my CPU and Motherboard overheat up to 80°C+ temperature

    Before update I was monitoring always my temperature in any kind of game. In Nosgoth it's always been at 55-65°C, while other games always 40-46°C. But since last update it became even worse... My CPU and Motherboard reaching 80°C+ temperature. Moreover my CPU reached 100% of load which is not normal at all after update. Here's the screen of Open Hardware Monitor: . Maximum temp of motherboard was 80°C+, while CPU even 90.1°C . That's not normal at all.Aside of temperature you can see my MAX processor load nearly 100% everything, this is also not okay. DE can you check if you broke something in game so I can play without risking my PC to burn up. This image was after 15 minutes of playing Nosgoth. I made screenshot after closing game. But you can see Max temperature that has been. It's not possible to play, unless you wish to burn your PC. People saying in the past existed same bug, but it got fixed. So dear DE can you fix this again?And yes I have checked everything on my PC: Thermal paste, coolers and state of motherboard. Everything seems fine. So Psyonix come on and fix this damn bug, I can't play ESL like this, because you never know when you are going to burn your damn motherboard chip or Processor, it's can happen anytime I start game, so please fix this.I'm using lowest possible settings made up by Zzott: for getting atleast 60 FPS in-game. Thanks for paying attention .
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    My PC is rekting , thx Psyonix.

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    When was the last time you changed the thermal compond on the cpu out of interest?

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    My CPU's are heating up to about 85-90° after playing one match...

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    Asked few people, they seem to have similar issue.
    I have 70-75 degrees cpu temperature myself, but that's with REALLY good cooling, usually CPU temperature (even in pretty high-end games is around 50-60 degrees).
    Could developers check this pretty please? Before someone will have coals instead of their PC.

    Originally Posted by Bone_Shredder
    I'm using lowest possible settings
    - that must be serious issue, doubt game should load cpu that hard on minimal settings.

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    Thermal compound about 2 month ago. Cleaned my PC like week ago ^^. Moreover I said that it bumped into me right after update. Such coincidence cannot happen to many people at the same time.

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    The game optimization is incredibly poor. The game runs very hot for me. Especially if I don't restart my pc right before playing for some reason.
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