Thread: Fix the game, please. The sooner, the better

Fix the game, please. The sooner, the better

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    Fix the game, please. The sooner, the better

    Dear Developers.
    I reinstalled game 2 times. I have tried do things with turning computer off, my anti-virus program, with firewall and so on... You know what it gave me? Few hours wasted. That`s what.
    Screen still can turn black, waiting time for 1-2 more players is about 15 minutes or more, turning game off is done with Alt+Ctrl+Delete combination...
    You want pretend like it`s mine fault? That i did something wrong? Fine. Play hard ball.

    How is it possible that BEFORE update, almost everything was fine??? Did i press "update" button wrongly? Too much pressure? Not in the middle, but in the corner, maybe? Or maybe i should stare at "loading" bar all the time? Turning off firewall is an excuse- you yourself don`t know what is going on. And that is fine, you wanted to tear your game off Steam which i applauded(at least before update) and not everything worked. Fine. Then tell us truth. "We don`t know what is going on, we need more time to fix it". See? Easy, i am not mad or anything. Thi is life, there are things that happen whether we want them or not
    But don`t feed us things that make so many people angry. I just saw several different forums(i was looking for tips to fix my problems), where i could read very angry posts about, and i quote: "excuses".
    You- and we, who wanted new LOK game- have had problems with player base before update. Everyday more people will resign. And i really like this game. I really do. I swear, complain, swear some more, go out, cool down. And come back for more anyway. I am action RPGs fan by heart, but still: work, holidays(cooking, cleaning and so forth), house repairs- i still did lauch at least few matches a day, even if i couldn`t lauch "Gothic" or "Skyrim" afterwards(too late and needed to sleep). And last thing i want to see is "Nosgoth" dying prematurley, because people will run away. I may sound bad most of the time, but this one here is out of pure concern for the game

    So here it is: Give us date of another patch, or whatever, that will try to fix things. Give us something to look forward too, otherwise you`ll be left alone with few players
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