So i bought the rererererererelease of FFX/X-2 HD (as in JUST released version, yesterday).
Owned it on pretty much all systems, even the ps3 only a year before i got a ps4 and since ive been longing super hard for a turn based final fantasy,.. or rpg to begin with.. since im so fed up with all the fast paced action games.. im not young anymore.. i cant follow the seisure inducing flashy stuff..

First thing that i noticed was that yunas disformed face still isnt fixed, ohwell.. she and her natural, sweet face will always be there in my dreams :'( Ill just have to act like this ..X-2 face yuna in X somehow came back to that game with time-magic wich is why she isnt her youthful self.. hmz.

That aside. Another thing i noticed is there was no ATB bar anywhere on the screen, now i might have to bring that thing up myself so ill try to push a few ps4 controller buttons but so far nothing since i started it up and had not tried that yet.

I played a bit and then thought to myself 'why the hell am i going to do alot of the irritative stuff in these games all over again, like winning the story-cup of blitzball or like winning the coin minigame in X-2, while i have old saves from ps3 i didnt continue with because back then i got sucked into terraria on pc" lol.

So i just transferred my saves and am going to enjoy from where i stopped, atleast FFX-2 has a game+ mode and FFX only gets good the moment you throw aurons severed head into the pit behind yunalesca.. (figuratively)

Anyway, long time no see sonex.