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Thread: This is the official wishlist for the next TR game (TR11)

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    Rise of the tomb raider is boring.

    -add an option to toggle: let lara fall from edges whenever you move even when you are walking slowly or crawling.
    -add an option toggle: completely change jumping dinamics. Rotation of lara should affect the jump, no jumping assisted in lenght or rotation. Lara should fall if her hands doesn't reach the edge. No assisted jump. If you jump too soon or too late or if the angle between lara's direction and the edge is over certain range lara should fall. If lara hits a vertical wall when jumping, lara should have animated wall-hit and fall.
    -animation of lara climbing with axe is unrealistic and too fast.
    -animation of lara climbing a rope is too fast. I know: climbing a rope slowly is boring. That's why there shouldn't be ultra long unrealistic ropes to climb.
    - Add an option toggle completely behavior of walking over suspended trunks, trees etc: If the option is enabled, let Lara fall if you dont walk straight. Also lara should fall instantly if you move left and right out of the trunk. No assisted walk. Lara should also sometimes vacillate (even if you are walking straight) and if you dont use the right axis for the right time and pressure to balance equilibrium, lara should fall. If you run instead of walking over a trunk, lara should likely vacillate and easily fall before reaching the edge.
    -add an option to enable/disable on screen tips on what key you have to press to perform a certain action.
    -randomly change button to press to recover from a bad grip and slightly decrease time to lose grip. (make lara fall if wrong button is pressed).
    -remove weapons upgrading system.
    -significantly reduce / avoid lara encounter and fight scenes against humans enemys like russians, mercenaries and so on. Reduce use of gunfire with humans. Make lara fight against scary-mysterious creatures belonging to myths and legends, supernatural evil powers awakened from artifacts in tombs and only in specific moments of the story with human characters getting in her way. Reduce number of fights and increase quality. Often involve puzzle solving and knowledge of myths AND ability to jump / climb to resolve a fight.
    -add more triggered deadly traps and situations in tombs explorations. Make them -really- deadly.
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    Oh my gosh so many things i'll try to keep it short

    1- make Lara's clothing/equipment more versatile.

    In other words stop with the clipping issues and the gun holster doing it's disappearing act on the Henley outfit. I've got some pictures to show what I mean:

    2- give Lara idle dialogue like "why am I just standing here" and humming to herself

    3- unattachable mods to weapons

    4- hand to hand combat

    5- Sam and Jonah

    6- introduce different hairstyles with different outfits maybe?

    7- go back to just one pickaxe

    8- really interesting and historically-accurate plot.

    9- the newly pimped out croft manor, perhaps with the assault course and maze from tr2

    10- more of a suggestion but have a contest where fans get to submit designs for a Lara Croft outfit, and the winners get theirs made and put in the game. Like Volition did with Saints Row 4

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    -Bring back Winston if the manor is finished!

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    New wish - Music from Nathan McCree's Tomb Raider Suite to be used at many points during the game

    Quote Originally Posted by LaraCroft1990 View Post
    The return of croft manor and more tombs
    Croft Manor is wish 4

    Quote Originally Posted by snake-tomber6 View Post
    I so miss the original tomb raider theme running through the game especially when Lara makes a discovery or enters a new area in a tomb! have played all the games and am a traditional tomber!
    That would be wish 10 then or could be combined with my new wish
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    Two things I didn't see in the list.

    First, the ability to go into stealth mode manually.
    Next, and I'm surprised this isn't already here....curvier Lara. It might be a reboot, but it's still Lara Croft.

    Here is my votes for existing list:

    location & design

    4. Fully explorable Croft Manor
    31. more locations; like deserts, jungles, etc.
    93. Warm climate. No more snow pls, no more thick jackets.


    1. No more exclusivity deals.
    30. give the player some choices.


    2. Return of Classic outfit
    7. Lara dresses more stylish
    8. Lara in an elegant dress like Legend
    9. Attire options from classics/LAU
    44. more hairstyles, braids options
    47. Less combat orientated outfits
    48. Less period piece outfits

    story & characters

    11. Lara has more a sense of wit and humour
    43. NO relationships/romancing involving Lara
    70. Let's see Lara get some kicks over what she's doing
    94. Bring back Lara's femininity and make it cool again to be a girl.


    22. Use of vehicles. Like ships, planes, bikes, etc.

    weapons & gear

    3. Return of Dual Pistols

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    My Wishlist (with explanations below)

    1. More Locations
    2. Gameplay should be more linear - not repetitive
    3. All Caves and Tombs entry ought to be available entering that same level.
    4. Too many human enemies
    5. Bring back the Difficult Tombs in Tomb Raider. There are enough Tombs in ROTTR but they are not difficult enough.
    6. Excessive collectibles
    7. Weapon upgrades
    8. No manual crouch
    9. Get rid off the electric light.
    10. Temporary shelters can be customized
    11. Lara's Bird Helper
    12. Bring back the Roll Button
    13. Avoid excessive detail
    14. Lara is too realistic
    15. Health regeneration.
    16. Swimming mechanics improvement
    17. Lara's Knife missing and dual pistols
    18. Lara swears too much
    19. Maps incomplete when found
    20. Survival Instinct used far too much
    21. Female enemies missing
    22. Outside help from Lord Crofts friends
    23. Lack of use of vehicles
    24. Puzzles or problems do not have to be huge constrictions
    25. Lara's outfits lack variety
    26. Impact of weather

    Summary: ROTTR is an enjoyable game. The gameplay is smooth, and level design in some parts is amazing for visual impact. I still prefer TR Legend and Classic TR games for sheer fun and enjoyment. Replay value for me is only in Croft Manor, which is great. In ROTTR Cold Darkness DLC was ruined by Nadia's constant annoying interruptions every few minutes. Even Lara had to tell her to shut up at one point as she had enemies to fight. The constant helicopter noise too was very distracting. The infected attacked too frequently as well to the point of being tiresome and boring. The Chemical Plant puzzles were good though.

    Overall, Crystal Dynamics has tried to make Lara Croft too realistic as a person in the latest game. That is a mistake. She is a fantasy character and the best Tomb Raider Games are focused on exploration, fun and fantasy, not realism. Do not delay the next game for either console or PC so all gamers can play on release please.

    1. One of the appealing things about earlier TR games was the diversity of different locations. I want to return to a TR game with shorter levels but totally unique in location and challenges. More variety in location please. TRII had four unique locations and seventeen varied levels. TRIII had five unique locations and nineteen levels. Besides Croft Manor. Tomb Raider Legend had eight unique locations which added to the sense of travel and adventure.
    2. A TR Game on a forward path it is more fun to play than searching locations for redundant items. The player always has the sense they are on a journey forward. They are progressing to new sections and puzzles. The problem with ROTTR (and prequel) is the player spends far, far too much time in each section. It can be repetitive. It can be boring. Not only that, I do not like the Fast Travel option. Because it means Lara has to constantly double back all the time to find a multitude of unnecessary pickups which don't help the story at all. And, she has to repeat her fighting with the same Trinity soldiers and Animals that she has tackled over and over again in the same district.
    3. Lara ought to be able to have weapons or tools needed to access a Cave or Tomb once she enters that level. For instance, she should not need rope arrows, explosives or underwater re-breather to access those areas. If they are necessary, make sure Lara does not have to double back later to get the items she needs to access those areas. Make them available immediately. In the classic TR games, Lara had everything she needed to move forward in the game. If she was missing an artifact, secret or tool or weapon, she was able to find that in the same level before ending the level. So, the level was completed and no replay was necessary.
    4. What can I add to this ? There are far, far too many human enemies in the game. She has stopped being a Tomb Raider and has become a Mercenary with revenge issues. Miss Croft is supposed to be an Explorer - not the Terminator.
    5. Where are the difficult, massive Tombs in Tomb Raider ? They are too small, too easy to complete and have puzzles that are not hard enough. Only a couple actually challenged me with puzzles well designed and one of those was a DLC puzzle. Often, when Lara enters a Tomb in this game, there are no death defying traps, spikes, spears, tigers, gorillas, crumbling floors or walls, acid baths, fire pits, giant boulders, electric wires to fry Lara, deadly industrial drills in mine shafts, out of control mine carts, trains or trucks, man eating crocodiles, poisoned arrows, angry centaurs or mythological creatures, laser traps and so on. THE TOMBS ARE FAR TOO EASY TO COMPLETE. When I play a TR game, there should always be a sense of imminent danger, mainly from the environment. Trinity solders or undead creatures pose no threat to a well armed Lara Croft.
    6. Cut the amount of collectibles by 95% and I will be happy. That includes wood, mushrooms, coins, oil, animal pelts, mechanical parts, relics and murals. In some early TR games you only had ONE artifact to find in a single level. This game is far too complicated - not difficult - complicated.
    7. Again, weapons have too many upgrades. For instance, one of shotguns had about 15 upgrades. And, they could easily of have been reduced to three or four to get the same result. I do like to choice of weapons though. Just not too many bows or guns types. Make better use of the Axe as well such as building a fire, digging a trap or throwing at an enemy or creature.
    8. I want a button to manually crouch Lara so I can tuck under fallen trees or hide from animals or humans when I choose. Not have the game automatically crouch Lara for me.
    9. Get rid of of that electric light on Lara's bum and bring back a shoulder flashlight. Same as TR Legend. That way I can point the light where I want. This light sucks. Even classic flares would be preferable.
    10. If Lara is in a large level, and she needs to collect certain items to advance to next level, why not have a temporary residence - a tent, a room or a cave with a bench she can construct things or unravel puzzles. Maybe even tackle simple chemical analysis or concoctions from herbs.
    11. Occasionally, it would be useful for Lara to have a bird of prey like an Eagle to retrieve out of reach items or tackle enemies. This bird should only return once in a while and not be available all the time. Forget trained dogs or wolves. This is not Game of Thrones.
    12. Bring back the roll button so Lara can flip in opposite direction. Controls were much better in TR Classic Games and TR Legend and Anniversary. I like the jump forward and roll in air too. In ROTTR Lara has lost her agility compared to earlier games.
    13. This sounds an odd request, but I do not need to see detail on every rock, shield or tree. Focus more on larger levels with lots more towns, buildings, tunnels, sunken cities, old houses or dangerous platforms.
    14. Lara is too realistic in this game. Make her more superhuman in strength or have the stamina to achieve that. She is a fantasy character and so ought to be able to do things no human can. After all, in ROTTR she does survive in areas of freezing cold or climb sections impossible for humans. The classic Lara had the almost the strength of Hercules, the agility of Catwoman and balance of Spiderman.
    15. Health regeneration is ok and she does not get damaged too easily. It is more of an annoyance really. To be frank, it is not needed. Either she dies or does not die. At least have health meter in combat so she can see the damage taken.
    16. Lara should be able to swim underwater right from the beginning. She should be able to hold her breath for about 20 seconds. I do not like the re-breather. Too easy. I do not like first half of ROTTR where Lara has blood from her mouth after 3 seconds underwater as she cant swim. Ridiculous. Also fix the underwater swim controls. They feel heavy, cumbersome and unresponsive.
    17. Give Lara a knife from the outset, an axe that can be thrown to kill from outset and dual pistols. I also prefer the camera above her head when shooting to see enemies not shooting from left or right shoulder. Classic Tomb Raider pistol targeting was best.
    18. Get rid of swearing entirely in Tomb Raider. Forget realism in that respect.
    19. If Lara does find a Map, it should show all collectibles for that level. Not some of them. If you avoided excessive pickups you wouldn't need a map really. Just use hints instead. I like the old system where there was no map and a max of three secrets in a level and not much help at all to find them. Instead, lay clues at the start of a level to like Lord Crofts diary as a guide. The main section maps in ROTTR have no indication of height of collectibles either. Are they in a cave or on top of a Soviet construction ? At least in TR Underworld there was a 3d map which I found useful in that regard.
    20. Survival Instinct (Bat Detective Mode) is needed far too often. Again, with right clues at start of a level and far less pickups, Lara shouldn't need that. In Normal play mode, get rid it entirely. It makes gameplay too easy and is a distracting annoyance. If you must keep it allow the player option to control the amount of time it stays on to avoid excessive button pushing, TR Legend did not have that feature only hints when a collectible or health pack was closeby. Much better.
    21. Why are all the bad enemies male ? Give us some bad gals too. Give her an Arch Nemesis that goes with the series. How about Von Croys evil Grand Daughter ? Melissa Von Croy ? Just don't make it personal like Lara's old school chum who now wants to get revenge.
    22. Often, she may encounter a language or puzzle she cannot unravel. Rather than increasing her abilities later on like improving her Mongolian, she should be able to contact Lord Croft Academic Friends to help her solve the puzzle or read the ancient language. TR Legend had Zip who did research for her. He was pretty cool.
    23. Allow Lara to drive trucks, jeeps, use canoes on rivers, ride motorbikes, fly helicopters or planes or hang gliders and lots more types of vehicles for getting around or enemy destruction.
    24. Focus more on smaller puzzles like those found in some PC hidden object Games. They are very clever and some quite hard to solve. Like turning on a hot tap next to old sink so steam can reveal secret writing on a mirror. Another is finding missing fuses to electrical box and then finding a chart to solve color coded connections for wires to activate the electric generator which lights a lamp to show a key on floor. Throwing darts in a fairground attraction target to unlock a hidden gem. Using a constructed flare to reveal a destination in the sky. Keep some puzzles local and smaller. One or two really tricky puzzles for complicated door locks are fun too. Include a SKIP option for players who need it. I use that bypass myself sometimes.
    25. Bring back Lara's classic outfits like shorts and tank top. A catsuit or a dress. Her outfits are practical in ROTTR, but boring. And, whatever happened to curvy Lara ?
    26. The weather effects are under used More rain, snow, blazing heat and need for water, food or weather protection. I want to see Lara eat and drink and suffer more from poor weather.
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    My Wishes

    enemies: 39.

    gameplay & puzzles: 14, 37, 49, 80

    location & design: 4, 32

    misc: 1.

    outfits: 2, 7, 9, 47

    story & characters: 11, 85

    voice & audio: 10, 12, 16, 18, 82 and Error's TR suite wish

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    14, 49, 4, 38, 35, 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 47, 11, 24, 25, 85, 10, 16, 18, 82, 3, 20, Tomb Raider Suite wish (?)

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    Add 10, 16, 18 and TR Suite to mine as well.

    After hearing the Tomb Raider Live content I think Nathan McCree should do the music for the next game.
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    105?: Make ledge stealth more effective

    Lara should flatten herself against a wall she's hanging from so that an enemy above and two metres away can't see her
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    39. 51. 53. 58. 99. 102.

    gameplay & puzzles
    13. (ability to turn them off)
    14. 17. 37. 42. 49. 50. 54. 55. 59. 75. 79. 80. 101.

    multiple difficulty levels ... MULTIPLE LEVELS OF EACH OF THESE
    (this is the future of Gaming before or after photo realism is reached and VR is common place )
    a) weather amounts and severity all increasing terrain difficulty and body maintenance difficulty
    b) amount of jump to save grabs higher difficulty increasing frequency and number of save grabs per jump/grab
    vines break faster / climbing ledges dislodge more
    c) breath holding and endurance difficulty levels
    d) density of nuisance critters spiders bats rats
    e) large animal / human / Non-human enemy density

    69. 76.

    location & design
    4. 5. 6. 31.
    32. tombs should be part of the story, not as side tombs.
    38. 40. 60. 88.

    1. 30. 46. 74. 77. 78. 86. 91. 98.

    story & characters

    11. Lara has more a sense of wit and humour

    70. Let's see Lara get some kicks over what she's doing

    85. Stop with the whole 'Daddy issue', we've had her parent(s) being involved in the story-line for 4 games now.

    92. Work on Lara's motivations. I want to feel like it matters what I am doing.

    100. More complex character development for Lara and her nemeses
    104. Extensive mythology and lore

    22. Use of vehicles. Like ships, planes, bikes, etc.

    voice & audio
    return to Keeley Hawes once storyline age is closer

    weapons & gear
    3. 20. 33. 56. 65. 66. 67. 68. 72. 73. 83. 90. 95. 96. 103.

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    I am stuck on tomb raider the Soviet mission a way out i can't seem to grab the window when I drop down and every where is talking about the flare it isn't there I see where it should be but the passage has a grating over this because I have no internet and didn't update the game? Please help me to get out of here I been trying for hours

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    Rolleyes A work of art is never finished, only abandoned, or so they say...

    I liked Rise, but the Celebration Edition (which I don't own) doesn't really add anything worthwhile for me. I was hoping for more Baba Yaga-style expansion packs - that is a well-balanced little gem, and even adds gear that can change your whole play style in the main game. The Croft Manor/Blood Ties DLC sounds like a fan goodie if you're really into Lara's back story, which I am not.

    Endurance mode and the new extreme survivor difficulty should have some gimmick that allows occasional saving anyway (like the good old health crystals from Tomb Raider III, maybe?). I gave Endurance mode a go, and quickly gave up when I got blown away repeatedly by packs of enemies with magical see-though-the-mist gear, only to start over in roughly the same boring place. This could be hours of fun if it wasn't self-limiting to one sitting. I loved the tomb traps, though.

    Taking the fun out of Lara dying is a big no-no. In the good old days of well-hidden secrets, there were failed jumps galore and they were part of the fun for the dedicated adventurer - nowadays, it's slaughtering the enemy in the most imaginative ways, which also involves dying trying. I'm eternally sad that the games have become so linear - gorgeous-looking but not open to unlimited exploring. To be fair, in the Flooded Archives and Geothermal Valley levels you've done a pretty good job. But there can always be more well-hidden secrets.

    Since combat has become such a huge part of the game, I think the stealth approach needs clarification and expanding. I mean melee combat, not lining up a headshot from a safe distance, except there it's also not clear when enemies have detected your location, and what exactly gives Lara away. I'm not sure how tweakable this is, since all the finishing moves are beyond the player's control (even without the "dodge counter" perks). Let's face it, Lara's movements are a string of little scripted sequences - annoying in combat with many boxes, roofs or trees she could climb or hide behind, or whenever she hunkers down to uncover something or other, and gets up again facing the wrong way. This isn't Deus Ex...

    Annoyance wise, here's my little list and how I'd like them fixed:
    - Do not auto-read/display found documents, artifacts etc - it breaks player immersion. Saves me hitting the ESC key every time.
    - Do not immediately wrench control away from the player after combat set pieces - allow a few seconds for looting of the bodies. There should be an achievement "Leave one alive..."
    - Make all cut scenes skippable, and sooner, if not immediately. Get rid of the in-betweens where all the player has to do is walk forward.
    - More human enemies after the main quest, and in random locations(!) and greater numbers, depending on the difficulty setting.

    Oddball suggestions:
    - Audio settings: mute Lara! Or at least turn her down somewhat - no hints ("Need another Greek fire vessel first..."), less wheezing when wounded (toughen up, girl, and how about a nice juicy rat?) and no reminiscensing at camp fires... ah, blessed silence, this Lara could be a fully fledged surrogate for the player!
    - Manual grab, and by extension: no automatic cover combat! Liberating?

    Here are my numbers for the official wishlist:
    53, 57, 13,13,13, 17, 59,59,59, 80, 76, 30, 46, 74 (to reward creativity), 11, 27 (ditto), 85,85,85,85,85,85,85, 12 (replace with silence), 20, 67, 72, 83

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    too main things

    a) make Lara female and badass again
    Seriously, during RotTR I half expected her to burst into tears at any given moment and that became kind irritating after a while. Why can't she be real in a female, cool, badass sort of way? I think the Tomb Raider reboot was marvellous and got the right idea, but Rise didn't build on that. She just became more nondescript and whiny.

    b) add some replayability. I played Far Cry 3 and the Reboot roughly at the same time and was surprised at the similarities (set on an island in the Pacific with lot's of WW2 references.) and while I went back to Far Cry 3 a lot, the only Time I retried TR 9 left me bored. There is just not enough to explore. It felt not like a true open world. Sure like RotTR it looks utterly marvellous, but I'd rather have more to do and explore than a top notch perfectly designed world that seems kinda too beautiful to be true. I think Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted Lost Legacy are good reference points.

    gameplay & puzzles

    14. Larger/ more difficult puzzles (20)
    37. more exploring and less action. (9)
    49. More sense of wonder in a Temple setting, plus more intricate design (IE: less combat) (9)

    5. Globetrotting (6)
    31. more locations; like deserts, jungles, etc. (9)
    32. tombs should be part of the story, not as side tombs. (9)



    81. Add Co-op Tombs to play with friends (2)


    2. Return of Classic outfit (12)
    7. Lara dresses more stylish (10)
    9. Attire options from classics/LAU (10)
    44. more hairstyles, braids options (7)

    story & characters

    11. Lara has more a sense of wit and humour (11)

    61. better connected collectables (3)

    94. Bring back Lara's femininity and make it cool again to be a girl. (2)


    22. Use of vehicles. Like ships, planes, bikes, etc. (8)

    weapons & gear

    3. Return of Dual Pistols (10)
    20. Better ability to do stealth. Able to set up booby traps. Also traps for animals and snares. (7)
    65. some sort of actual "tech tree" (4)

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    Bring back Sam, give Lara her lover back. She basicly a man with (small) boobs ATM her love made her girly and lara is meant to be a girl

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    Y'all seem so salty over the reboots lol

    Not everything is going to be tailored towards y'all. GET OVER IT.

    Camilla does a great job and the games are brilliant so stop whining.

    And if this was exclusivity for the PS y'all would probably not even mention exclusivity.

    Salty hypocrites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zfuego94 View Post
    Y'all seem so salty over the reboots lol

    Not everything is going to be tailored towards y'all. GET OVER IT.

    Camilla does a great job and the games are brilliant so stop whining.

    And if this was exclusivity for the PS y'all would probably not even mention exclusivity.

    Salty hypocrites.
    Lol, you registered here just to say that? Obvious troll is obvious

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    Quote Originally Posted by Driber View Post
    Lol, you registered here just to say that? Obvious troll is obvious
    Lol you care that much to single out my comment. lol


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    Quote Originally Posted by Zfuego94 View Post
    Lol you care that much to single out my comment. lol

    Enough to confirm you're just a troll and not here for genuine discussion. Your retort couldn't have been more predictable.

    Enjoy the ban list

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