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Cheating Concern

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    Hi SE,

    I wish to suggest some practical ways to abolish cheating:

    A. For those hacking the game
    1. Please check the log record which our device automactically send to your server everytime we completed an in-game action. I'm very sure you can easily identify if any particular account has a tallying magic stones, FP, GP, recovery potion, hunting tickets, special hunting tickets, and gold coins. (I'm sure logically an account user can only accumulate maximum 50 FP per added friend and 50 maximum FP per day through mock battles with friends. Correct me if this isn't at all true)

    2. Lock any of these fishy accounts until they clarify their reasons.

    B. For those creating multiple accounts
    1. I know you'd argue being unable to identify nor provide proof about any of the user from creating two or more accounts. So, just remove Gifts feature and it will solve everything. (there are users who create different account on multiple/different devices either from other people's devices or their own family members'). And when they have two different accounts, obviously they would have double chances to earn tickets everyday by using the second account as hunting purpose only. After that, they just send all the hunted guardians as gifts to their primary account. So to counter this, first step, simply remove Gifts feature.

    2. Then, impose fair Trade system. For example, a 5* guardian can only be traded with another 5* guardian. To make even fairer play, guardian with similar level can only be traded with another similar level guardian.

    3. By imposing these two policies, no matter how many accounts a user might create, everyone will very much likely compete fairly at the end of the day.

    Hope to give SE some basic ideas should any of these can be implemented to avoid further cheating. Please save this game from further ruining.

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    Thanks for posting the picture. Seems like it is forever impossible for me to defeat such card. And yet i've just told myself no matter how slow i'm improving, when i finally max out all the ten choice cards, i'll still be competant with the rest. I was so prepared to achieve this goal even if i had to play the game for a year long.

    Now i'm just being delusional

    Please SE, do something and revive this great game

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    <ul>[*]unlimited FP (means you can do special hunt till you bore to death, go to colo and claim #1[yah, colo now is like hacking contest], even buy boon of the gods later. And no need to pay coins btw, sorry SqE, you're not getting any money)[*]invincible cards (why spend big time in colo and collecting/ enhancing cards when everyone cann do it esily with jailbroken device ?)[*]cards dupe (still needs confirmation because so far cant find any info of it.)[/list]

    do we have to wait 'till nobody plays game anymore before you take action SE ?

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    Originally Posted by Yni
    the game is broken, SqE do nothing to fix it. period

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    Note: real, not fake. His ign in S rank is: JackieE

    Almighty Frank IN action in this weeks Coliseum, who can beat him?

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    Originally Posted by Yni

    People don't seem to mind playing through this mess right now, but what about in another month when there are most likely even more hackers? Will we be able to shrug and blow it off when we (honest players) can't even place in the B-rank anymore?

    What happens if they do a Christmas Coliseum similar to the Halloween one, and there isn't a single legitimate player in the top 2000? Will SE really be okay with handing out special cards only to cheaters? Because you know more people will resort to hacking in order to get their hands on a limited holiday card like that.

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    sigh, we have no hope in this game, probably i will find another game then........

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    lol! It's cute that the cheaters aren't even trying to hide it anymore.

    If you don't know, the first card is Almighty Frankenstein, and the second is Midgardsormr...both unreleased in the NA version.

    What I'd like to know is, if he can hack cards like that, why he would put a Jormungandr in his 5th slot? Why not a Lich?

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    because his frank and midgard is lv 999 in his client ver :P

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    banned for no reason?why?i din do anythings wrong or hack.
    my IGN:Allen1228
    hope can fix it for me.thanks

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    I just found this forum, which looks to be the official forum for GC. With that I am assuming that someone from SE actually reads these posts and maybe even comments on them.

    Some background, I started this game a month ago, got my wife hooked as well and we reached lvl 60 today. Neither of us have gotten higher than a B+ ranking in either coliseum. While that doesn't bother us much, the rampant cheating and lack of communication does.

    So I'm here to post a few questions if you could read and think about. I don't expect an answer since I've read many threads with post that have documented hackers with pictures and details that were still ignored.

    1. Hacking problem not fixed. There isn't just one way to hack a game. Can we all agree that things we should look for are not limited to low lvl accounts in high rankings with low atk, no prior wins or sub missions done, accounts created within the past hour in top spots, accounts with cards that are not released, cards with abilities that are not possible ie revive, multiples of the exact card in the coliseum(I'm fully aware we can have almighty versions with normal versions I'm talking about the exact same cards), cards with stats that are impossible, etc. I could go on all day actually...

    2. Why are goods ie stones and cards client side and not server side? I mean really, you can easily find someone selling 50 stat iii stones over and over for RMT

    3. Why isn't there a report option?

    4. Can we dump this automated email response? When we contact you, it's sad that its almost better to not get a response at all. Getting an automated response that absolutely does nothing to help the situation is a great way to treat people. If you don't know the answer to a question FIND OUT and than reply. How depressing is it to read that the experts do not even know why someone was banned or an answer to a question about a card.

    5. How hard is it to port the Japanese version of this game over? I mean really, translate some hiragana/katakana to English, photoshop those in and boom done. Its not like you dev's are actually creating the content, its done already in the japanese version, you just need to bring it over. The new patch took how long to get state side, and we still don't have the improved trading or new hunting grounds.

    6. Whats the point in doing mass bannings when they reappear 5 minutes later? Sometimes i notice i moved up 100 spots only to drop down 10 minutes later. How many legit players do you grab in the process. Does it ever occur that we horde items? I have 56 recovery potions and 1000ish friend points that I am just itching to spend, what make you think there isn't hundreds of people like me that found a reason and spent it all for one coliseum?

    7. How can you ban anyone when the rules themselves do not clearly state what is allowed and what isn't? Great example if someone duplicates a card with a hack and mass gifts them to everyone, does everyone get banned? It's not like we can stop people from gifting. I'd like to ask if anyone would trash a 5* card if it was mailed to you, I'd think merry Christmas and cheer...

    8. If I recall this is a card game that involves trading, plenty of games have in game options for trading, why does SE not implement this? You can actually see all the duped cards and wonder to yourself, did alllllllll those people catch an ace 5* volcano?

    Well I have more but I just feel frustrated even typing all of this in.

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    What is furstrating is also the fact that SE did not make any fug annoucements or why they are banning this time round. Nothing was mentioned at the login page, the official website and are the employees even care about this game? Dont even know if Robert Peeler postings here are automated or what.. stop fugging act busy!

    How can SE not able to tell a hacker from a legit users? If you are not able to tell the difference stop the banning! If you want to ban might as well stop the freaking coliseum till you fix the problem at least. Hackers are still dominating the Coliseum now and Legit users are getting lesser and lesser. Legit user who uses money to buy Coins for Special hunting Tickets and Potions are now wasting money and hackers earning money from selling more cards. WTF is this logic. Stop biting the hands that feeds you SE.

    The automated email reply after 48hours patiently waiting just cant stop the anger boiling among the ppl who receive it. Are we supposed to send another follow up email or wat??

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    Yes it is indeed fuming and disturbing that many legit and hardcore gamers/traders like me got banned because of SE mass banning/massacre. I believe it is necessary to mass ban and clear up the heavily hacking-ruined coli and trading market in all main trading forum.

    SE is trying their best to clear up this and reduce the hacking problem, every legit players will agree and thanks SE for these efforts.

    However, please listen to put in effort to listen and response to feedbacks, post. For example in my case, I spent 70 days (Hardcore supporter for GC and spent sleepless nights to trade and get the deck to full ACE. Finally reach S rank after investing tons of potions and 2800 FP for coli tix. 2 days later I was banned.

    Please listen to your hardcore supporter and check their accounts thoroughly and judge if its a hack associated account or a serious gamer which trades and get his Ace cards, which unfortunately might be from the dark side.

    English GC server:

    IGN: Cloudhaven

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    Hey pal,

    Im on the same boat as you. Banned innocently, most likely because we are holding dubious cards from our trades throughout the past 70+ days.

    Let me know if you got unbanned by the almighty SE, if not our 70+ days of hardwork will go into Vanish!

    English GC server:

    IGN: Cloudhaven

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    Dear SE moderator,

    It is very annoying and disturbing that many legit and hardcore gamers/traders got banned and suffer because of your mass banning/massacre. I am one of the innocent party, English server, IGN: Cloudhaven, that is wrongfully banned.

    I believe it is necessary to mass ban and clear up the heavily hacking-ruined coli and trading market in all main trading forum, and Thank you guys for doing your best to ban the right hackers.

    However, please listen and response to your hardcore supporters. I have spent 70+ days (Hardcore supporter for GC and spent sleepless nights to trade and finally get the deck to full ACE 5* and reached S rank after investing tons of potions and 2800 FP for the Almighty Raijin Coli. 2 days later after the Coli, I was banned.

    Please check my accounts thoroughly and judge if its a hack associated account or a legit serious gamer/trader and got my Ace cards through trading.

    I sincerely request you to check my account again and judge that I am a hardcore, legit player/trader and unban IGN: Cloudhaven so that I can enjoy the game with my friends again. And also advise how legit players can enjoy the game and reach S rank and fight against the hackers in top 200, without innocently banned by SE.

    I have supported SE from FF7 (13 years ago till now), and supported GC for 70+ days, everyday and many sleepless nights. I hope that SE continue to give me the opportunity to enjoy your wonderful GC
    and not let my 70+ days of hardwork go down the drain.

    Thank you.

    Yours sincerely,

    English GC server:
    IGN: Cloudhaven

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    I (IGN: ?) am in the same boat as both of you.

    Banning innocent... baning without reason.

    I just love how SE deal with hacker = ban all innocent people.

    This game will soon become hackers only since everyone legit is banned.

    I even post and let them know about the hackers and they banned me as well.

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    If you believe that you have done nothing to deserve having your account banned, then I would recommend you to contact

    [Customer Service]

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    If you believe that you have done nothing to deserve having your account banned, then I would recommend that you contact

    [Customer Service]

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    Contact already. From my understanding and posts from other GC forum, SE will just send you a general letter saying you are banned and they can't turnover the decision.

    Here is the email everyone should be expecting

    "We apologize for any confusion regarding this matter. If you are receiving a message that states your account is restricted, this means your account has been flagged for irregular game activity as a result of Terms of use violation. Due to this, the account has been permanently closed and we have no further information to provide as to the reason for this restriction.

    Thank you for contacting the SQUARE ENIX Support Center."

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    This post represents how it currently feels like in game, by no means is this meant to ridicule but to show the sad state legit players are facing.

    *walks into SE HQ looking to talk to one of the GC reps about trading cards*

    Me: Hello, I would like some help trading my cards.

    SE:Well that&rsquo;s fantastic. A really smart decision! We can put those cards into the trading market on any of the many forums, so that you can trade up for better cards and reinvest the earnings so you can get even better cards.

    Me: That sounds great!

    SE: So make a trade like this.

    Me: Sure, oh man I got a great card to help me in the coliseum.

    SE: AAANNNNNDDDDDD you&rsquo;re banned.

    Me: Wuuutt??

    SE: You&rsquo;re banned. You&rsquo;re permanently banned.

    Me: What do you mean? I still have my account. I was just on it.

    SE: Nope, you&rsquo;re permanently banned. We did an investigation on your account and found that you had one too many illegitimate cards, so we banned you.

    Me: What do you mean? How was I supposed to know which cards are illegitimate? What am I supposed to do to get my account back?

    SE: I&rsquo;m sorry, sir, but this line is only for people that have an account on GC.

    Me: But you just banned me.

    SE: So you do not have an account with us?

    Me: I do, but you just banned me.

    SE: Then, please stand aside for people that actually have an account with us.

    Hope this helps the mods and dev's at GC to understand our frustration.

    Kudos to South Park for the idea and repost permission from Mr. Bobby B.

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    Orginal thread for you SE.

    Please look around the forums and see the fear throughout the community you are creating within the game.

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    Hey , my account got baned for no reason . First my rank from S drop to E and then they say *You are currently restricted , you cannot play with this user* so what's the problem? If you say i have dupe cards you are wrong because i have use the cards from the start of my journey and i got some new cards few weeks ago and nothing happen and i have undergo many updates so you are trying to baned all suspicious people?

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    Have you tried uninstalling then reinstalling the application?

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