Thread: Problems and crash with new patch?

Problems and crash with new patch?

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    Unhappy Problems and crash with new patch?

    Hi all, since the new patch was released i have some problem with game. The game sometimes freeze in home, when i close the game it crash, i can't play because i stay in the matchmaking for long time 5 - 10 minutes without finding anything, i don't have my friend's list no more and my avatar is not shown... What can i do? I relinked my steam account, but nothing solves. I have to reinstall the game?

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    Yep the crashing is a known issue, which is being looked into.

    Yes, you are sadly not the only one, it is slower atm.

    I’m a little confused about the avatar and friends list, are you showing as logged in on the top right hand corner of the launcher. If you are meaning your Steam friends do not show and your Steam avatar that’s because you have to set it through the launcher now…if not please could you elaborate.