Thread: This is a Thief forum! So why no chat about Thief then?

This is a Thief forum! So why no chat about Thief then?

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    Question This is a Thief forum! So why no chat about Thief then?

    For a Thief forum, there’s actually not much chat about the actual games going on is there? Thief 1+2 are lets face it, starting to show their aged against all of the newer titles being released. And it’s really only the FM’s that are really keeping them going now. And there’s still no news about T3?

    Now that we have this nice new forum, wouldn’t it be a great time for ION to release some information about everyone’s favourite game? And start everyone talking and getting excited about Thief again?

    And while I’m thinking about T3, why is DX2 actually the bigger of the 2 games? If you look at the 2 communities side by side and the total posts on the Eidos and the TTLG forums (the 2 main Forums if I’m correct?) Thief is miles ahead. So Thief has a much bigger fan base than DX, and just how many FM’s are available for DX? Not as many as Thief I’m sure. Yet all I see are previews of DX2 and nothing about T3?
    I’m guessing DX sold more than Thief? But it seems more people have kept on playing Thief, where as most people have played and then uninstalled DX? I maybe wrong of course, but I know that’s what I did!

    I’d really like to see a preview of T3 any time now ION! PLEASE any chance?

  2. I think many people like DX because they don't have the patience for Thief. They want to Blast and Blast Now

    I agree we ought to see some footage or NEW pictures soon. That will soon give this place a buzz
    Come on ION

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    Hi RiCh. I think the division of the forums into several sub-forums is the reason there's less Thief talk in this particular forum. If you want to talk about FM's, technical issues, dromed, etc. you have somewhere specific to go. So what else is left for the Crippled Burrick but chat & jollity?

    I'd love to see something about T3 too, but my policy has been to put it completely out of my mind until something shows up in the magazines or web sites. I do agree that Thief is a better game than DX--but then, Thief is a better game than any other game you could name!!
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    But I read an interview with Warren himself saying that most people didn’t even finish DX because of its length, and that’s why DX2 will be much shorter! DX was a much more complicated game than Thief IMO, but I guess you could just fall back and play it like a normal FPS! And I bet most people played it that way?

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    Ah-ha ChowYunFat you may be right I’ve only been looking at this forum…silly me! Oh dear, looks like I have even more catching up to do! I’d still like to see T3 though

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    Yes RiCh, you have LOTS to catch up on. This *IS* the Cripple Burrick! And the Off Topic forum. After a heavy day of Thieving, this is where we come to unwind.

  7. Or wind each other up as the case may be.

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    AAaaaaahhhhh!!!! Ya got me there. Tis true......tis true..... *winds tight.......TIGHTER*

  9. Hmm... Who's next

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    Originally posted by BrokenArts
    Yes RiCh, you have LOTS to catch up on. This *IS* the Cripple Burrick! And the Off Topic forum. After a heavy day of Thieving, this is where we come to unwind.
    I see, cool. Well in that case can you buy me a drink BA? Baffords put new locks on his windows and I didn’t have my lock picks on me? So I’m a bit short of the readies 2nite! I’ll pay ya back honest…honor among thieves and all.

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    Eyeing RiCh, well..........*slides him a drink* Ahhh sure, why not. What have ya been up to? Good to see ya again. Throws him her extra pair on lock picks. She is ALWAYS prepared.
    you owe me....

  12. Now he's worried

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    Thanks BA that one didn’t touch the sides, drinks always taste better when you’re not buying em What have I been up to? Well now I’ve jacked in FM building until T3. I’m trying to learn how to draw, with various degrees of success and failure. I’m not up to your standards but I’m getting there….slowly! You never know I may show you one day so you can have a laugh Thanks for the lock picks, I’ll drop by Bafford’s on the way home I’m buying 2morrow night!

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    SlyFoxx enters the Burrick and tosses a bag on the bar. He's tired and more than a bit bloody. "It was hard night in Murkbell," he says wearily as he sits on the stool at the far end of the bar. "Damn zombies and others things like you never saw before!" "I picked up a measly 2700 before I just had to get outta there." "Oh btw found the really cool sword." Tosses it to Thorin who then passes it around. "Had to toss this cuppy thing into a smelter 'cause it was just causing this zombie evil thing like CRAZY!" "This Cardinal guy had just gone milky in the filbert and tried to have me killed." "He missed me but sure took care of the rest of the town." "I K/O'd a bunch 'a City Watch Officers hopping the zombies would just leave 'em alone." "I'm jusdt glad to be home in one piece." "I need the tallest Ale you've got Landlord." "What's up peeps!"

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    Big Grin

    SlyFoxx, now that’s more like it! Thief Talk! LOL

    RiCh has now fulfilled his Thief objective for 2nite. To become a member of the Crippled Burrick. Now I wish you all a good morning/afternoon/evening/night.

    Oh yeah BA! what's a Chandelier Swinger? and how do you get into that club? membership cards only?

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    OOOH RiCh, you had to of seen my antics on the Chandelier at various times. Birthday parties, any excuse to get up there really.
    Well whoever wants to try....I seem to be the only one fool enough to do it. Light enough too.
    come on up!

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    You beat me to it!

    I was going to post a new topic on this very same subject, but you beat me to it. In all seriousness, we just about need to petition Eidos to give us at least a tidbit about Thief 3. I think that most of us here are hitting the burnout stage on the game.... there's only so many missions you can play, after all. Even our highly touted Ghost mode is simply another way to extend the life of the game we love so much. But you can only keep the subject alive for so long without rehashing everything you've talked about.

    Frankly, we need the info to keep ourselves interested in the game. After all, if we get bored with it, how are we going to get others interested in the game? We're the ambassadors, so to speak!

    Please, from everyone here, give us something new to talk about! A little bit of official news regarding Thief 3 would greatly be appreciated by the fan base.

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    Hi all... and a Happy Fourth for the Yanks :-)

    As far as DE vice Thief...I probably agree more copies were sold for DE and most of the kiddies who played it..just didn't get it or it's gameplay for the most part? However, for the older generation of players...I think they played it the way it was meant to be. Just sorry they feel the need to shorten it and possibly dummy it down to get a wider base. Now as for again you've got a very different game play and therefore the ppl that played it are a unique group for really getting into it and enjoying it's diversity. Of course this is all generally speaking As always, the buck counts and they want the most they can get from the one to cover the other just in case IMHO? At least they're not taking as long to get it out as you-know-what-game LOL

    I'm sure frobber will be releasing his FM in the near future and then we can all get into that one or whatever/whoever has on his menue...such as Saturnine Just bear with it and we'll all get our heads full of Thief talk...
    Ta and Good Hunting!

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    Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! How beautiful is brushing the good-old threads :-DD It's like coming back at those times...

    Today I'm very happy: finally, after years that I wanted and complained about, I've showed the Thief game to my mother, I showed her "Checking Inn, Cashing out" and we have robbed the Inn together, and I've showed her how I blackjacked the poor fat Inn caretaker. It's the first step, she hate this game, but I'm sure that today something came into herself, and the interest for the developing on the story will not be late to come out.

    ... I sobbed so many times, when I was in the Captain Moira's Manson, to tell her the Widow Moira's story... :'-(( That poor woman, becomed mad from the pain of the lost of his husband, always moved me. I have to introcude something about the Widow in my set of missions.
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