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Thread: The Escape Screenshots (by Phabius Phodes)

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    Mater Urbium

    The Escape Screenshots (by Phabius Phodes)

    Here are some screenshots of Phabius Phodes' new level: The Escape

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    Mater Urbium

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    *adds Fabio to his personal most-hated list, next to Piega, Harly Wuson, Psiko, Alexis, GeckoKid and others*

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    Those are great! that must've taken quite some time to build it.

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    OMG!!! Those are incredible!!! My compliments to you Fabio!!! NICE JOB!!!!
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    This is just getting better and better! Who would ever even try to make a level after seeing this! Fantastic!

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    Big Grin

    The level looks great(!)...and as MDN looks like you've spent A LOT of time making it....but it's most certainly paid off.

    Good job and WD

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    Phabius Phodes Guest


    Thank you for your comments!!!

    And THANK YOU Driber for uploading the screenshots!

    This is "The Escape", the third and last level of the "Lara Croft And The Quest For The Asphaeings Amulet" series.

    The first level, "City Of Blezqi Zatsaz", was released more than one year ago. It was built in three months.
    The second level, "Temple Of Azzivullas" was released last November. It took me almos five months to build, due to the limitations of the engine and LE.

    I´m building this last level since then, so it´s about six months now. But I don´t work everyday, since I have many other duties like my recording studio and my music projects.

    I plan to release it within a month, maybe a little more...

    Hope you like it!


    Fábio Ribeiro (Phabius Phodes)

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    Big Grin OMG

    Those screens are amazing - true workmanship.

    That shot of the underground caverny thingy looks great and that green room - i like green

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    noangel Guest

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    Wow! Hoooowwwww niceeeee!!!!!!!

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    Phabius Phodes Guest
    You know, the hardest thing for me is the lighting.
    It´s a difficult task to make it perfect.

    I always try to make it as real as possible.
    Bright light in outside areas, + sun light and shadows.
    In internal areas, sewers, caves, I always try to make it as dark as possible without affecting the visibility of the player. Flares are always available in these areas. Torches (flame emitter 2) are welcome too.

    I´ve heard people saying the internal areas of my levels are too dark. Not that dark in my opinion, there are no "complete darkness" areas at all.
    In my opinion, that´s what adds to the reality of a level. I´ve played many "tomb" levels that are as bright as they had no ceiling and the sun shining inside all the time.


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    I agree, dark tombs are more realistic than bright tombs.

    I always set the ambience to an almost minimum and luminate the room with either lightbulbs or torches.

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    Phabius Phodes Guest

    Big Grin

    Almost done folks!

    I just need to setup a complex series of events for the resolution of the main puzzle of the level.

    Basically, I´ll need lightning effetcs (maybe flame emitter 3 with those special OCBs), earthquake with sound, flipmap, fly by cameras... All at once, triggered by a puzzle hole. I´ll figure that out and then I´ll test it all and add the final rooms, which I may think are about 15 rooms maximum, according to my pre-production map...

    Hope you like it!

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    If you need lighting, try the lightning conductor object. You can use different sound to create a real thunder crack. If you want, I can probably get you some realistic thunder sounds.

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    Phabius Phodes Guest

    Big Grin

    BUMP for propaganda!

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    Simply superb
    Castle Malvernia - Stealth Mode Activated! Lets shoot lots of SAS

    Temple Of The Dragon - Eastern Promise - Has Lara really got high heels on?

    Castle Ness - Is there a monster? Is there anything to do at all? Only you can find the answer.

    Snowbound - Its very cold and the inhabitants are all dead.

    Temple Of The Mayans - The Crystal Of Salvation is hidden among deadly traps and wild natives - can you really shoot those cute panthers?

    King Arthur's Castle - Lara goes in search of Excalibur - will the long dead Knights Of the Round table get her first?

    Alpha Zero One - Something strange is going on - who's that famous person in that tank of green goo? - release date? sometime this year with luck

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    Another bump so you can see what´s coming till next few weeks!

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    OMG!!!!! well done!!!!! ROTFCMHO!!!!!! member of the Posse
    features: 8 hidden artifacts + snow mobile course + loads of traps and puzzles and much, much more
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    lol at Johnny

    the screenshots are really beautiful fantastic job, Phabius

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    All right folks!

    I´m building the final rooms now (finally, after eight months) !!!
    So, if everything goes fine, you´ll be enjoying this level next week!


    Fábio Ribeiro.

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    well that'll be another level to look forward too then Have you added a custom outfit to your level?

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    lollies, u just love making outfits dont ya?

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    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i mean i cant even make levels but i no when 2 be impresed
    *internet_king hides under the sink ashamed of his 'levels'*

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    No, I didn´t make a custom outfit because when I built the first level of the series there were not such things as Strpix, etc...
    So, to keep the series "integrated", I´m using the original outfit.
    I could change it, but then I would have to change all the three levels...
    For the next series, which will be a totally different adventure, sure I will use a custom outfit!


    Fábio Ribeiro.

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    Great!! I have been looking forward to you releasing these Levels.They look awesome!!

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