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Thread: Errors, Crashes, Glitches and Annoyances in the first 12 hours.

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    Errors, Crashes, Glitches and Annoyances in the first 12 hours.

    Not sure if anyone has experienced the follow but here's what happened. This is on the PS4 by the way.

    1. After completing the Paris mission I decided to give one of the user created contracts a shot because I was bored. The contract was in Paris and asked the player to kill 2 targets on the upper floors. After running around and completing the majority of the challenges while working my way up to the top floor for the last target, I was finished following the kill on the top floor. I began to make my way down to an exit and saw Viktor Novikov. I remembered that I have yet to try to kill him with a camera planted explosive that I found on one of the floors and decided to do it just for kicks. So, I planted it, got the lens, gave it to the journalist and hid behind the wall near the fountain. When the target arrived I pressed the trigger and the entire game crashed, throwing me out to the PS4 home screen. All mission progress lost. Would like to have a fix for something like this. There should be no reason for a crash like this or at least turn off the opportunities and associated items during mission that don't involve the use of the items.

    2. During the Paris mission where you have the opportunity to become Helmut I have ran across a glitch multiple times. It happens when I for example take someone out in the dressing room or do anything that would otherwise disrupt the fashion show before I get to Helmut. Once I disrupt the fashion show, the opportunity to get Helmuts outfit and mobile phone still remains. So, I go for it as he continues to do his little talk with the target over the phone. Once I get rid of Helmut, take his outfit and phone, I try to make the phone call to the target and there is nothing but silence on the phone. After a while 47 finally hangs up the phone and I have no access to any of my items and can't activate any actions other than those requiring the top triangle button. I have attempted getting shot and running away, I tried reaching the top floor and going through the talk with the target, and nothing helps. If I load an autosave that was created after this glitch, the glitch is still there and I have to start the mission over. Would love a fix for this. If there is something that would prevent an opportunity from actually happening then at least take away the items that progress the opportunity, in this case Helmuts phone.

    3. Not sure if this is by design or not but it is really annoying. When I play through the mission and complete the challenges, I save the game just in case. I have gone through playing over an hour and saving the game before moving onto a questionable area. When something goes wrong and I load the game to a previous state, all of my challenges that I completed during the mission are gone and undone. If i complete the mission with the challenges checked, then everything registers correctly. But, if I don't complete the mission and try to load back into a point where I completed most of the challenges and then screwed up, I lose all of the challenges completed during that mission before the save point. What's the point of having a save point that does this? I might as well just go through the entire mission again. Would love to have the challenges completed during the mission before the save point to be there when I load the save. Saw that I'm not the only one experiencing this issue. Glad it's not just me.

    Sorry for the long explanation. Hopefully it makes sense.
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