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Game won't launch

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    Game won't launch

    Trying to launch from steam - can I even do this anymore?

    I just downloaded a 2.5gb patch and now all I get when I try to launch is a windowed white square. When I close that and try to relaunch Nosgoth it says it can't because it is already running. Then I try to restart steam but can't because it says close Nosgoth first.

    Great first experience for a (potentially) returning player. How do I even get this new garbage Nosgoth launcher which I don't want? Anyway looking forward to the 5kb hotfix which requires me to redownload the 2.5gb patch I just downloaded.

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    if you bring up processes, via task manager, after closing the white screen you will see nosgoth still listed, you will need to right click and end task on it.

    After that go into steam, right click on nosgoth and goto properties at the bottom of the menu, and find the tab "local files" click the button marked validate installation files (or whatever it's called) and leave to run.
    After that launch nosgoth again and then go off and go make a cup of tea/coffee/have a smoke etc and come back and game should then be running properly, after that the game should run fine