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Thread: Maintenance - March 14th 2016

Maintenance - March 14th 2016

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    Your not alone. I just had another patch and now a third is happening as i type... intriguing...
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    Sure Turelim had big ears in LoK games, but these are very young fledglings and their entire bodies have changed to become the size of small building isn't that a significant enough (d)evolution?
    They don´t need big ears, just pointy, it is the very first visible change a fledgling has along with the sharp claws and fangs. More pronounced evolutionary traits come later.

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    Originally Posted by Anders1425367
    Anyone else having a problem with their nicknames since this patch?
    My nick should be Anders142536, not Anders1425367 (notice the 7 at the end).
    If I want to change it back, it tells me my usual thing is already taken
    Yeah... i got problems aswell. "wyp3" has 4 letters... i don't want a new nick and putting our wicked clantag would only be possible as "wicked-wyp3" or "wicked_wyp3" , other characters are not allowed.
    I'd be fine with something like "wicked | wyp3" but the other options really look ugly as f*** !
    Right now i feel very discriminated for my 4 character nick... i can't remember a single game over the past 10 years denying me this nick!

    a) Please change name length from 6-20 to at least 4-20
    b) Please allow characters like space, | / \ [ ] to give teams the possibility to make clan-tags not looking ty

    Another thing i've noticed: Since we have to use this launcher (i don't even get into how useless i think it is) it would be nice if the server status would switch to offline when you update the servers.
    It kinda makes no sense if it's always "online" (except making the launcher look like a stereotype launcher)
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    Hello everyone!

    The Beastmaster is now live!

    Sorry about the late night, we've been working all day to get this update live and running. You can find the full patch notes here:
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    And how am i supposed to try out the Beastmaster without an artefact to unlock it?
    I am lvl 50 and didn't get an artefact - class still locked aswell...
    And since the update i can only exit the game via task manager

    A teammate and me got both these same two problems.

    Oh - and when i logged in first time, i got popups for each league placement, telling me again how i placed.
    Except i was Eternal #89 in season 5 - not Blood 1.

    I wouldn't mind waiting longer for a patch if it's working when you take it live...

    Edit #1 : My teammate tried to add me as friend via launcher => accepting worked after 20-30seconds but i had to restart the launcher to see him on my friendlist. Ingame my friendlist is still empty after few restarts (task manager is your friend from now on).
    Party invites don't work either for us...

    Edit #2: Party invite did work after we added us each other in launcher AND ingame. And BOTH of us had to add the other. Being on your friends friendlist dosen't put him on yours...
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    Yeah the Beastmaster isnt usable. Im lvl 41, should have a spare unlock shouldnt i?

    Also, keys and Shotguns and stuff, apparently i didnt get them from participating in leagues?
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    Originally Posted by vampirelucky
    Seriously what's with the ear fetish? Sure Turelim had big ears in LoK games, but these are very young fledglings and their entire bodies have changed to become the size of small building isn't that a significant enough (d)evolution?

    Also why couldn't individual vampires of the same clan go through pupating differently? e.g. some Turelim fledglings develop telekinetic abilities first, others get big ears first and third ones(Tyrants) get the Hulk-like body - but for all the "end result" is the same they just get to it differently.
    Wow, you sure took that personally! Good thing I wasn't talking to you.

    The vampires obtained their gifts in the specific order that their patriarch does and always receive the most significant trait, which in Turel's case was the ears far more and far sooner than size. They are a repercussion of them living in the dark smokey environment of the Crucible and Smokestacks where they eyes were no longer of much use. Neither Turel or his clan ever looked like the hulk even when they were evolved anyway.

    Also, why should every variation of each class be a newly sired vampire. Shouldn't they be all at different points in their evolution?
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