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Thread: my review of rise on pc

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    my review of rise on pc

    well, i have managed the game and here is my little review what i think of it.

    Visually the game looks amazing. Clearly a lot of work was put in to the hubs, which are huge and worth exploring. There are a bunch of caves as well, some of them have a hidden treasure too.
    But I like to start with the cons:
    - Only two locations and the first one is just a level.
    - Too much action.
    - Even the green looking hub are greyish.
    - Boss fight was mundane and repetitive.
    - Meeting the undead is the same as in previous title.
    - The undead are just like the Solaris, only in different armour.
    - White ledges and walls. Can’t be turned off.
    - Too many enemies.
    - Still too dark themed.
    - No mention of Lara’s friends like Sam or Reyes.
    - Use the same traps throughout the game.

    The pros:
    - Beautiful graphics.
    - Big hubs to explore.
    - Side missions.
    - Some funny challenges.
    - Caves and crypts to explore.
    - Bigger tombs.
    - Some tombs are part of the campaign.
    - Crafting gear so as upgrading weaponry.
    - More weapons. Each of them can be crafted.
    - Many clothes to select and even unlockable.
    - Good PC port.
    - Possible to avoid enemies if you are stealthy enough.
    - Hidden tombs give useful abilities like shooting 2 arrows at once.
    - Possible to heal your self.

    Now some nit-picky stuff:
    The game starts off with Lara and Jonah climbing up an icy mountain but get early on separated by an avalanche. Then it switches to a few weeks earlier were Lara is exploring a tomb in a dessert. The tomb you are in looks amazing. Great atmosphere, amazing little details, some deadly traps, no enemies until the very end, just Lara and a tomb to explore. Once you completed it, you are back in the ice cold mountain again. Obviously Lara survived the avalanche and you have to now find food and shelter from the blizzard.
    She made herself a bow and you start to hunt animals, which are plentiful in a small area from deer, squirrels, birds, rabbits and even rats. You also fight off some dangerous animals like wolves and bears. Wipe out some human enemies as well while they stand in the way. The animals can be used to craft bigger bags to carry more items and ammunition, so as unlocking more greyish clothing with no particular abilities like more protection or extra pockets.

    I was hoping for more locations but you spend to 98% of the timer in one; Russia.
    There are many hubs, each of them look a bit different, if you can see away from the grey filter, that are visually still amazing to look at but nothing compared to the first level were you were earlier in the game. Exploring an abandoned mine and the wooden buildings they have left behind was interesting but nothing too ancient that gets you excited.
    You stumble then on the locals, who speak surprisingly well English, and they have some small missions for you which you can decline if you wish so. These are easy to do and a bit of a side distraction as well from the already grim main story itself.
    Surprisingly you stumble across on a lot of human enemies in nearly every hub. The action is still pretty good and the combat is solid but the enemies aren’t really too challenging. Just stay behind cover and headshot your way through. Only few occasions called in for a melee attack, especially towards the end.
    At least you can heal your self during combat which is a big plus too.

    When seeing for the first time the deadless (that’s what they call them in the game), it’s just like in the previous game. Dangling from edges wile an army walk right next to you, you get spotted after a small debris falls down, which you have created and then you start to fight them. Now fighting them was actually fun because they offered at least a challenge and some of them do not go down with a simple headshot. Regardless with the bow or a semi-rifle. These deadless are nothing more but the Solaris in different armour. So seeing them was like a little letdown, since the game was trying to build up tension after heavily armed trinity soldiers got killed easily and then a less trained and armed Lara mows them down like they are almost nothing.

    The locals are fighting off trinity to protect the tomb, which they have been protecting for ages but somehow have struggle to fight them off but manage better with Lara around. Also for some odd reason they allow Lara to enter the tomb after Lara whines about it how much she wants to find it because that was the reason her father died. So this felt a bit awkward.

    The boss fight. Now this was a letdown.
    Your main villain is in a helicopter. You shoot some explosive arrows at it, he flies away and calls in for his foot soldiers. This you do three times until you fight him directly. He somehow gets the drop on Lara, takes away her bow instead of just shooting her in the head and for some reason all your other weapons are gone. So your shotgun, rifle and pistol are not available anymore. After throwing some self-made explosives twice at him, you finally kill him.

    Final verdict:
    The game is still fun and worth playing. The tombs are amazing and you want to explore and find everything. If you have purchased the “Baba Yaga” DLC, which is actually a good DLC with over six hours of content (if you try to find everything on top of that), the game will last you over 30 hours.
    But the dark theme, having these survival elements in them again, the lack of locations, the amount of action and enemies you kill and the greyish looking hubs are kind of a letdown. Certainly a huge improvement to the previous title. I personally had more fun with it then with the 2013 version, but I still wish they would ease off the mentioned points I have listed.

    if i should give it rating, it would be a 6/10.

    edit: i have changed my rating from a 6 to a 5/10.
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    6/10. Wow, now this is harsh.

    I rate it a 8.9/10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiadaw-Spidey View Post
    6/10. Wow, now this is harsh.

    I rate it a 8.9/10.
    lately i feel more inclined to give it a 5/10.
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    I would give it about a 7/10. The first bit of the game was brilliant and thought the game excelled with it's challenge tombs/puzzles. Towards the later bits these parts got less and less as it became just too much combat-centred which gets a bit boring after a while. I do feel there is a bit more of a sense of history and wonder than 2013 but I agree the hubs could have been more colourful. I love that we get the attire options from previous titles though the season pass DLC underwhelmed a bit. It does aside from zombie modes seem like it going in the right direction and hope next game is more like first half of this one as then I could score a lot higher. Still I think is better than a 5.

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    I am always surprised by people who at there is too much action and too many enemies. I found I spent a massive amount of time on my own, exploring and finding stuff. I feel I spent an equal amount of time alone as I did fighting enemies.

    I do feel your comments about locals speaking English and how the locals do better with Lara are very nitpicky. Bear in mind, the locals don't fight off Trinity regularly. in fact there is in-game context where they talk about seeing airplanes and how its only a matter of time before they face a threat again that may outnumber their primitive defences.

    I can understand why there might be similar themes across the games, for example around the undead enemies etc because that is one of the main story arcs.

    I do agree the end of the game lets it down a bit, but I do think 5/10 is too harsh.

    I have personally played well over 100 hours across the whole game package and particularly enjoyed the main game so for me it has been great value. If I could drop anything for the next game it would be either co-op endurance or the Score Attack levels.
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    While I agree with some of the negatives a 6 or 5 seems very harsh for Rise.

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    sorry but i think i go down to a 5.
    the negativity i have mentioned, these were just a game breaker for me. i certainly spend a long time exploring too until i have reached a 100% (have played 44 hours now and thats with the blood ties dlc) but the amount of action was still too much compared to the LAU titles. the first level was amazing. just lara in a tomb with puzzles and only a handful of enemies at the end. but then the game has to go all grey again and throw one action set after another during the main missions. what i think of the ending, i have explained in my review.
    and the traps are a joke. always the same in every tomb? the LAU games at least had a diversity and you had to find your way around but in rise, its always the same and still slowing down time just to make really sure you can jump over them.
    the rest you already read in my review.
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