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League Beta 4.0 Reward Delivery

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    League Beta 4.0 Reward Delivery

    Denizens of Nosgoth,

    As some of you have noticed, delivery of League Beta 4.0 rewards has taken slightly longer than any of the preceding seasons to date. This is due to additional tweaking and polish that has been applied to Sonic Boom, which requires another game update to get the changes to you guys.

    We typically try to deliver all in-game rewards at the same time in order to avoid confusing delivery schedules and spamming you guys with mail. However, as it’s going to be a little while before the next game update is ready to rock, we want to get what we can of the League Beta 4.0 rewards to you sooner rather than later. So…

    • Gold, Blood & Eternal players will receive your key(s) for League Season 4.0 within the next few hours.

    Sonic Boom will be added to the accounts of those players who reached Blood and above, once the game update is released.

    If you made it to the Eternal tier during League Beta 4.0, you’ll receive an email from us within the next few hours confirming you position during the season, and informing you that you will receive an email from ESL asking you for the account into which you want your prize money delivered.

    You should receive the email from ESL within the next week or so (we'll get a date for you as soon as it's available) when they’ll ask you to provide you’re paypal email address or bank account details. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO PROVIDE YOUR DETAILS EVEN IF YOU HAVE DONE SO DURING PREVIOUS SEASONS. ESL does not retain and track you payment details, so you need to provide them each season.

    To one and all, thank you for your patience while we work on this patch. We'll have more info for you about the delay of the patch on tonight's stream, and will post an update on the forum about it tomorrow.

    All the best,
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    i don't undertand...will the patch for "sonic boom" be released today, or in a next future?

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    Sonic Boom will not be released today. The ability will be released later down the line once the next game update is ready.
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    Why is league ranked payments always relatively prompt, but after 5 months we still haven't been paid for placements in ESL?

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    Maybe i should mention that i havent Received any emails from you guys yet, is my position unconfirmed? Last season 46th Eternal.

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    Where are our cash prizes??? Everything went fine on giving the paypal or bank accounts,but still no sign of money so far.

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    We probably won't receive money like the guys playing NA cups. #rip-off

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    ESL guy told me they're "normally" doing the payments around the 15th of the month.

    We're on 19th atm, don't know what "normally" and "around" means for them, though.

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    still waiting on the money all went well should've received since 15th said by esl dude. Said payments start in 19th nothing yet..

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    Cash has been delivered today,at least for me.