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Thread: Hitman Beta Feedback (PC)

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    Hitman Beta Feedback (PC)

    Great start but some areas needs improvement:
    - Quick inventory access, I know you can set a shortcut key yourself but the default "I" is not convenient at all.

    - Music is too obstructive. My biggest beef. I suspect music cues match the "progress" in a mission... or maybe how close you are to the target. I do not like this system. Due to dynamic content to accomplish the mission, I think the music mechanism kills this dynamicness. I noticed that when I was remotely close to target Jasper Knight after finishing an opportunity in what looks like mechanics / guards shower room, this heavy suspense music was playing in the background. The two guards talking by the sink were barely audible when I was in the same room because of the annoying music. If there were other opportunities, I would miss it. Don't get me wrong, I think music is important in a game, but the music should be relatively calm and ambient until "alerted" mode. It should be how it was done in Blood Money.

    - 47 needs to move a bit after putting on a disguise from a body to "drag" the body. After you put on the disguise, the drag option does not appear unless you move 47 a bit even if the option appeared before putting on disguise, this is unintuitive. For most people, it seems that after disguise, the next thing a player would do is stash the body.

    - no quick save / load, the manual load with two tabs are even worse when it defaults to autosave. It should just be chronological order in one menu with an indicator for whether or not it's autosave. If I have to guess most people use the manual save more often than autosave

    - the use of the word poison when used with rat poison can be a bit misleading, I thought it would kill the target... not that I prefer it to kill the target, getting them separated is probably more fun.

    - can't close doors, they close automatically after some time. I'm not entirely sure if this will become integral to some game play but for now, this isn't very immersive

    - save/load loses context/event scripts, if I knocked out a guard, dumped his body somewhere, saved... then after some time load the save, go back to the same place, he's back to his post. There was one part where Kalvin Ritter was talking to the woman on the deck by the bar. I saved at this point. When I loaded, he would start walking over to the drink by the seat and start drinking while she was still talking to him. This seems like a poor bug. I guess for being more immersive, save/load should not even exist but this can be somewhat annoying when you have to take a break for dinner time, or your annoying little brother needs to use the computer, or it's Sunday and you need to go to church to confess your virtual sins.

    - wall glitch, in the free form boat training, I knocked out a guard in Kalvin's quarters on one of the side entrances while I was back faced to the wall adjacent to the stair case. The subdue sequence pushed 47 through the wall into the staircase, when the sequence was completed, I ended up in the staircase with the "Drag" option available. When I tried to drag him back, the body was halfway in the wall having a seizure.

    I do like the fact that people in the same uniforms as you can become suspicious of you as an outsider, little more immersive this way. Annoying, but more challenging.
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